Elizabeth Ammerman

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Elizabeth’s story of hunting down her must have pair of Prada pumps, waiting, stressing, until they’re as affordable as possible and then just nabbing the last pair, is one of those priceless moments that we love to share on this site. Even better is how skillfully she pairs the shoes with sweatshirts turned upside down, making them reminiscient of Rick Owens as well as T shirts that are shredded as meticulously as Margiela. Elizabeth’s aesthetic of high fashion always accentuated with with an “element of trash”, made my heart race when I first saw her. I am mesmerized by her innate talent . She has always pushed the boundaries, daring to dress like a page from French Vogue while growing up in Amarillo, Texas. Elizabeth’s boldness legitimizes our message that style is a true art form.

Check out Elizabeth’s blog, The Trashicist.

  • YAA

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER STYLE!!! Definitely one of my favorites to date. I really like her safety pin shirt and her DIY two toned rip dress very striking pieces.

  • http://www.stylelikeu.com elisa

    Thank you for the complement..we are planning on adding lots more to the site. more blogging, more posts..more variety..lots more to come. Glad you enjoyed Elizabeth, she is a great inspiration..did you see the trailer on the style like u fan page on facebook?

  • Aria

    Oh, this girl is amazing!!!

  • amanda

    absolutely amazing. I’m obsessed with the rib cage thingy and the shakespearian-esq collar worn with the two tone dress.
    She’s very very well spoken – like a little angel.

  • Gabby

    haha shes so cute and wonderful style!

  • KrisBelucci

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  • edith

    i know this girl. she isnt anything special. she rips up crap from american apparel and pairs it with gareth pugh wedges, and OMG SHES SO ORIGINAL AND COOl. big deal, daddy can buy her 500 dollar shoes. she also only talks to people “in the industry” and doesnt talk to any of her peers at school.


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  • whonfewinue

    Hello Guys And Gals!

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