Ebeneezer Nii-Sowah

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Wow. The whole time I was shooting Ebenezeer, I was thinking of Sidney Poitier, whom I worshipped growing up (beyond memorable in “To Sir With Love” ) or Denzel Washington – it depended on Eb’s angle. What’s not in the video is my foot-in-mouth moment when I asked him if he would ever wear a skirt or dress. He was visibly floored, but always his courteous and refined self, answered with a thoughtful, “No, not really.” I was looking to bring up some kind of out-of-the-ordinary conversation, and it did when he proceeded to tell me about how the men in his family, Ghanaian royalty, did wear gorgeous and distinguished robes for certain traditional ceremonies (I am dying to see them). Based on the incredible attention to the accuracy of his greatest style inspirations – Sidney Poitier in “In The Heat of The Night”, Alain Delon in “Le Samourai,” Humphrey Bogart in “The Maltese Falcon”, the poet Langston Hughes (who wrote the poem that inspired “A Raisin in the Sun”), and Duke Ellington, it is not a big surprise that he has the depth and sensitivity of an actor. Ebeneezer has already been in two off-Broadway shows and is as elegant and graceful as they come.

Check out the trailer for Ebeneezer’s short film, “6:8.”

  • morgan

    Looking good Eb

  • lou-anne


  • Michelle Toglia

    OMG! he is sTrikin!

  • Alicia

    He’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Henry XVII

    Did he get upset from your comment on the skirt? If so, even if he didn’t lose his composure, that is pretty uptight.

  • carrie


  • sam

    he is soo classy and refreshing!!!! wish there were more guys out there dressing like this.

  • darian Zam

    please sir, can I have some more?

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  • Walkin Mannequin

    You are too cute!… I love

  • quest

    looks like a gay :))