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Dotti is an elite makeup artist in the highest echelons of fashion, but doesn’t wear makeup. Though she is ultra passionate about the creativity of her work, she doesn’t even like mascara and only wears lip balm. Her glowing complexion is as much an accessory as her designer shoes, jaunty hats and best friend Michelle Jank’s whimsical floral embellishments. Eating bananas from the trees where she grew up on the Great Barrier Reef, lots of exercise and a vegan diet has paid off in the depth of her inner beauty which reflects on the outside. In fact, exposing skin in the most elegant, not in your face way, is a Dotti signature. Her chest and back in Bliss Lau’s body chain kind of shook me to the bone in how tastefully understated, yet powerful she appeared in it. A Rick Owens cashmere tank never looked so good. However, feet are not for showing when it comes to Dotti’s fashion, even though she spent most of her childhood barefoot on the beach. She owns one pair of sandals, Margiela’s perfect take on the buffalo, that she wears with her Jean Muir covet-worthy animal print dress to the floor. Dotti refers to it as her “Je Ne Sais Quoi” dress for how clingy but not too revealing it is. I love how Dotti wears her state of the art boots with everything, especially when mixed with her ball gowns and sequin ’50s sweaters. She has the most enviable collection of the best avant-garde footwear. For her, clothes are not meant to be precious, but should be worn, even dragged on the ground, in order to tell a story. The more wear and tear, the more beautiful for Dotti – she doesn’t like to cover it up.

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  • Erika von Petrin

    Fantastic- I am obsessed with her delicate harness necklace

  • Goodkind

    I know!! me too…

  • S.f. Perrius

    Fabulous style. The tile print on that vintage maxi dress is killing me. And the Genevieve Jones ring is exquisite.

  • Svanunge

    I love what Dotti said, “Most beauties aren’t beautiful”. Truman Capote made the same observation when collaborating with Richard Avedon on Observations (1959). “…certain women, while not truly beautiful…triumph over plainness…provide [an] illusion: their inner vision of themselves is so fixed…that we surrender to their claim, even stand convinced of its genuineness…”. Incidentally, he was referring specifically to Babe Paley and Marella Agnelli, both acclaimed as beauties.

  • Charlana Quiovers

    Drop Dead Gorgeous Maxi Dress…your style is impeccable…

  • Elisa Zampieri

    This girl is so inspiring, love her style and I wish I was as brave to follow my interests around the world :)

  • tammie900

    love her style! So much respect for her individuality and the uniqueness of her style! Very inspiring!


  • Veronica Heuzenroeder

    lovely to see a fellow Australian with such a wonderful eye for form and colour, AND well spoken and intelligent :)

  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    love her sensual first i thought she was wearing my harness necklace.i could’nt keep my eyes off her. it was’nt my design…but, it would be honor if she did wear my creations.right?

  • Samantha Lind

    I love when she states ” What you put out, is what you get back”. I strongly believe that and it makes complete sense. A down to earth person such as her would only attract others with the same heart and persona. She seems like a very strong confident woman, who shows no sign of arrogance.

  • Tye Crawford

    I would luv 2 meet her! I luv her accent ;-) her personal style is inspiring <3

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