Domonique Echeverria

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Six feet tall, “loud, Latin, and curvy,” Dominique is not afraid to embrace all of her. She is all passion and fearless in all of her incarnations of “Liza-inspired glitz,” whether by using sequins, fringe, and now buttons, exemplified by one of her newly designed all-button bustiers. Not short on a lineage of “hutzpah,” her mother once bought her a fur coat just to piss off PETA, and Dominque feels “she rules the world” in her Erte-inspired ruffled coat. I love her body-conscious floor-length black dress with the Prada pumps that she wears to the grocery store. In it, she is commanding and reminds me of her fascination with the black widow spider (who eats her mate), all “shiny and chic.” Shredded tights are Domonique’s torn jeans and tees, but made even more emboldened by the gypsy tattoo peeking through on her thigh.

To learn more about Domonique, go to the detailed credits page.

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  • Shan

    This is disturbing. I am truly upset by Stylelikeu’s lack in judgment when publishing this woman. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut the video would be better. All in all this is WRONG DEAD WRONG.

  • domonique

    hahahahahaaaa, so funny. thank you for taking the time to watch and comment, yes, i was nervous and had a cold, i realize i sound like a nasaly valley girl. ..ha!

  • Dexter

    Hey Shan that why you don’t work for style like you, because you have no vision and you are a total hoser. This girl is amazing and she probly towers over you in person. I DARE you to say that to her face! You will for sure get SLAPPED with amazing Fashion and you might just get slapped in general!!!!!!!! The Only thing wrong here is you…..

  • Safiyeh

    I don’t think this is “dead wrong” at all. The point of this blog is to showcase people who have an inspiring personal style and individuality and Dominique certainly seems to have that. Maybe you don’t personally like how she dresses or the way she talks, but obviously she doesn’t care what you think!

  • ja lolo

    I hear there’s a new 2010 special on lasik surgery…I suggest you look into as you clearly can’t see straight….Dominique leads, never follows…taking risks every step of the way…If her style isn’t like your own, then thank god….we don’t need more than one of you or anyone else in this world…<3 u stylelikeu for your broad spectrum of deliciousness and lack of diffusion :)

  • Rachel Lena Esterline

    Fashion like all art is relative.

  • Mani

    Very talented young lady, extreme sex appeal and she really knows how to make an impression. all in all i think she’s the shit.

  • Ms Fitz

    Love this :)

  • NC

    love you eche! you rock!

  • E

    Style is subjective and in the eye of the beholder; I doubt that Domonique (or anyone else on SLU) is really worried about anyone else’s ‘judgment’. Perhaps the ‘shut your mouth’ business should really apply in making comments; if you don’t like someone’s style or personality – then use the scroll button until you find something you do like. Otherwise it just comes off as tiresome snark.

    I don’t believe contributors are here to be judged or validated; I appreciate this site as a window on thoughts – on style, dress and aesthetics not as a beauty contest.

    Domonique might have been nervous, but to me she was imaginative, generous and very self-assured. Bravo!

  • jacqueline

    style is knowing who you are, with what you imagine and bringing it to life with creativity and taste, not following the pack like sheep. Domonque has a beautiful sense of her body , color, proportion and indviduality. She is so inspiring in her aura that I can see a post impressionist artist wanting her for a muse in their paintings, that’s style!

  • Lauren

    She’s awesome! Very intriguing

  • Lauren

    She’s awesome! Very intriguing

  • Ladybear

    The people that innovate and become leaders in fashion and design are always ostracized when they start out, usually by uptight d-bags that can only regurgitate what they see in magazines and have no vision of their own-at least not beyond the racks at Barney’s.

    Rock on Domonique, I embrace your imperfections!


  • alicia

    Life is a cabaret and you are the star.

  • Keith

    “I embrace imperfections”
    I love this story…

  • Travis

    Shan, you have your opinion but your probably some lonely troll that likes to take digs at people for your own humor. No one cares! Domonique is absolutely amazing, personality for days, style always impeccable, truly one of a kind. Bow down bitch, bow down.

  • Phil

    amazing. I’ve seen Domonique out and about and have always been intrigued but this was a total treat.

  • Bianca Starr

    Loved the video! Thanks for the tips Dominique! PS I want to visit your grandma’s house.

  • poochiescloset

    I would love to see more of her jewelry collection. She truly has fun with fashion. That black dress embraces her dangerously sexy curves like a motherfucker!

  • zana

    thank god. i love domonique, so glad you interviewed her.

  • Alex L

    Domonique is a true inspiration in her style and her personality, not only does she have style but she has a sense of humor and a sense of self and isn’t afraid to be herself, which I really admire. Keep it up mija!!

  • domonique


  • kimi

    anyone whose been fortunate enough to wear one of domoniques creations, knows that she has a way of creating one of a kind pieces that will garner you more compliments than anything else you own.
    She is a confident , beautiful woman, who uses clothing as a means of expressing the incredibly rare creature she is.

    i too, would love to hear one of you haters say something to domoniques face. Just because you buy your pre-packaged look of the moment from whatever store of the moment, doesn’t make you an expert on the subject of style.

  • shea

    <3 !

  • Missy Echeverria

    Fabulous Interview! Domonique is a true individual. She was born knowing she wanted to be a designer. She owns her uniqueness and is true to herself. You have got to love and respect that. NOW, in regards to PETA… I do love animals very much. I also just happen to love fur. No one can rock a fur coat like Domonique!

  • Travis

    well said Kimi! Looks like Shan needs to go hide under a rock b/c she is the only one hating.

  • Millie

    You are a SUPER STAR Domonique. I love the way you live, laugh, create and enjoy life, expressions and rise above the obvious. It takes true talent to lead a nation and not follow or shadow in the shoulders of others. You are a work of art just like your beautiful creations. Your workmanship is perfection and your style is divine. I applaud you.

  • carolina

    Constructive critique is always allowed but attacking a person you hardly know is not O.K.. The fashion industry is a dark place with bright lights that can eat you up or spit you like dirt. Let them say whatever they want because when they stop talking then you know it’s OVER!!

  • domonique

    I know. . .i appreciate ALL the comments they help you grow. . .and i always say, you aint nobody unless you got haters. . .um, Ms. Fitz, is that really you?

  • Bianca Starr

    Like we all know… “If you ain’t being hated on, you ain’t doin’ SHIT!” :)

  • Sonie


  • Taylor

    Hmm….this is odd. Wasn’t this video here forever, but on another “section”? Like, where the man with the Jeremy Scott scarf…where did his video go? Why are these videos moving?

  • b


  • wolf

    this girl is amazing! so inpsiring, and i want one of her long black body con dresses !

  • Champagne

    I fucking, yes I cursed, love this woman!! Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s strong, smart, funny and seems like the type of girl who would be in your corner no matter what. We need more women like her out there, showing no fear and not giving a damn about what others think about. Keep it up Domonique, and hold no punches and take no prisoners!!!

  • lalalyndsay

    i love dominique! she is her own person which on top of her amazing style makes her absolutely fabulous!

  • megan

    a friend of mine told me that she saw my doppelganger on this site… and here she is! i feel like i am in the twilight zone… we look so much alike its like twins separated at birth and to make things even more strange, i live in the bay area too. life is too weird.

  • Aud Horne

    when i first saw her on stylelikeu i just skipped the video, thinking “nay, she is just too much”, but now i see i was wrong and she is just perfect the way she is. One of the most mature, yet fun and sincere people this site has featured.

  • domonique

    wow, thank you aud horne

  • funkykleopatra

    Love your style and grace! I met you at Piments today and luckly found you on this site-wanted to get a better glimpse of who you are as a designer and as a person of style! You are awesome! Can’t wait to work with you during SF Fashion Week! best regards! Yolanda :)

  • Elin Ros

    ég dáist að henni ! hún er innblástur,ég mundi alldrei þora að vera í svona fötum afþví ég er líka curvy en núna!! vá ég held ég þorri smá núna !!

  • Elin Ros

    I admire her! She is an inspiration, I would never dare to wear such clothes I’m also curvy but now! wow I think I’ll try it now!

  • Domonique Echeverria


  • Michelle

    I’m lovin’ your style, D. Keep on being you. You have the curves, so flaunt them.

  • Theda

    Well concept she’s trying to prove, clothing? Yeah, definitely ‘costume designer’. Never would I step out wearing one of her pieces unless I’ve had too much Belvedere. Just all around tacky and badly constructed. Cute girl nonetheless.

  • Alley O’Shea

    I love her positive vibe. Great vid.

  • Mónica Di Francesco

    I LOVE IT!!! She is very inspiring : ) .. Yes, embrace your inperfections. Bravo Domonique!

  • Anna

    That “Life is a Closet” tattoo = <3.

  • Candice Robinson

    Love her!!

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