Crayon Lee

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One of the thousands of things that is so fascinating about interviewing the range and diversity of talent on this site is seeing the juxtaposition of someone like Crayon, who sees fashion as “real” and not a fantasy, with Miranda on the previous post, who finds it all about dreaming and imagining. Crayon has a quiet chic that makes a huge but understated impact. Her black uniform of leggings and a turtleneck, topped with a simple but forceful piece, porcelain skin, angular hair, and absence of jewelry and makeup, is strikingly clean and uncomplicated and reflects how honest and direct she is. Crayon doesn’t have an air about anything related to fashion and style, despite the fact that she has grown up with a high fashion designer mother. In fact, she tries to find the humor in it, and you can see it in the plastic blowup pillow jacket filled with feathers that she and her mom designed (it was inspired by the way pills are wrapped in Korea). What Crayon says about Christine De Lassus is true about her: “fashion follows her, she doesn’t follow it.”

Check out these music videos that Crayon produced here and here.

To learn more about Crayon, click on the detailed captions page.

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  • eVp

    Very intrigued by her “quiet” but precise fashion sense. I would love to see more of her everyday choices. So taking notes. Beautiful.

  • E

    So very interesting; such a striking woman – I wish this could have been longer. A wonderful contrast to some of the other people featured on StylelikeU – thank you for a great change of pace.

  • Laura M

    Crayon is amazing – her style might be “quiet” but it’s modern, clean and most of all inspiring.

  • East L

    Love this Girl! She have such a cool style. Not over the top but people will still notice her (her name CRAYON is kind of like that too, a common word but very special at the same time)…a true stylish New Yorker!

    I also like the bubble jacket that Crayon and her fashion designer mom Kiok Kang designed, very cool stuff.

    *Thanks for the links to the videos that Crayon produced. Jonte’ is such a fierce performer!!! I will check him out more for sure. Good luck with your works and hope I can meet you in person someday!!!

  • Wrecked Stellar

    You can tell she has a unique perspective on fashion- just by the looks of that feature bubble jacket. I love that she and her mom can find beauty and inspiration in anything as demonstrated by those pill packages.

  • R. Karran

    Very interesting and chic and new. I would love to see more of what she does with fashion.

  • AL

    Crayon is beyond amazing! The bubble jacket was so creative and new, it look really good on stage!!! (you can see the jacket “in action” from the music video links above). Jonte really rocked the jacket with his crazy dance moves!!!
    Please keep up your good work, can’t wait to see more from you!!!

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  • GarderEspoir

    love her style! and i have a wee small kindergarden crush on her ;) lolz

  • krista

    this girl is drop dead gorgeous

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