Cory Kennedy, Closets
"I express my style in how I actually feel." Cory Kennedy

From the vulnerability with which she tells her story of struggle and triumph to her need to wear flats with an evening gown, Cory Kennedy is expressing herself as definitely as ever now that it has been over a year of sobriety since what she calls her "active party girl" days. Cory's struggle and triumph in overcoming addiction finds her more professional and more of a woman. She is doing things like sitting up straight, wearing a clutch and a 50's shell top in place of a tee shirt with jeans, however, she still always lets her "kid-self" peek through, like when she pairs thick jockey socks with a ladylike shoe.

Fame came unexpectedly for Cory when she was interning for Mark Hunter, whose website, "The Cobrasnake," blew up when he started to photograph the youth culture in LA. Cory, whose appeal was as much about her unique sartorial expression as it was her non-cookie-cutter beauty, got swept up in the frenzy of some serious "IT Girl" attention at a young age, which was a huge challenge for her propensity towards introversion. The demands, including fashion magazine covers, ultimately led Cory towards too much drinking and eventually a life-defining wake up call: success in the fast lane had become a slippery slope into alcoholism. "In the end you are alone," Cory reflects, and she felt it big time when she checked herself, solo, into Bellevue.

Coping with abstention in a world of immense social pressure we find Cory more present and thus, poised to be back into her life of modeling and DJing from a place of honesty and true strength. She is at peace with her modesty and humbled by the false illusions of popularity having gotten the better of her. Cory resonates a demure and confident edge in a classic black dress with Nike sneakers, a prim blouse and preppy tassel loafers with Obesity and Speed's signature grommet torn shorts. When she wakes up from her occasional nightmares of the past, Cory says she is so relieved that it was only a dream and is optimistic that now she is in the right place in her life.

Video edited by Gregory Pescia.
Shot, interviewed, and photographed by Elisa & Lily

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  • MerP

    hmm- i dont think everyone that drinks is laughable- seems like she thinks they are ridiculous bc she was once ridiculously out of control with it. not everyone that had 'party girl days' needs to go sober either- most just grow up and out of it. but if for her it was a problem then good for her in overcoming it with strong choices like sobriety and rehab. although casting judgement on the entire thing after a year of sobriety is very different than after 10 or 20. its also an interesting choice to start djing while trying to be sober- sounds like she is still dancing around the forbidden fruit. it also seems like every it girl on the planet that starts losing their lustre a bit starts to DJ- there are plenty of great djs who really took the time to do their craft and wasnt just a fallback. With all this said- she is interesting and i like her style- although i wish shed leave the ripped clothing on- it makes more sense on her and looks rad! her hair is fun too! cheers!

  • maarrr

    I'm the same age as you and have followed you/your blog since I was in high school. I adore you and your style. I am a recovering alcoholic also, which I discovered early this year. What you said in this interview is really hard to say, but it's real. I admire you even more now. Thank you for this, Cory.

  • keba

    wow i remember when i first read about her in Nylon in 2007. She was on the cover with another woman, it was the It Girl issue and it has always been one of my favorite Nylons

  • gef4

    she's so inspiring because she's real and puts herself out there. She just is and tries to be herself. I have a lot of resect for people that realize that they're life is not perfect. She realized and she took action. She seems to have grown up a lot, learned from her mistakes and is now taking the right path. Yeay for Cory! All the best and keep on being that original self that you are <3

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