Cody Ross

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Functioning at twitter speed running his clothing company, Priestess NYC, Cody splits his time between New York and Shanghai. With his intense exposure to many cultures, from Texas to New York to Asia, he describes his style as a “casual, random eclecticism and sometimes, absurd.” And in an effort to get away from the homogenized sameness that exposure to everything, everywhere all the time can create, he leans towards the peculiar and occasionally shocking to stand apart. With a background in finance and mathematics, Cody has almost x-ray vision into imagery, like seeing sperm, razor blades, and M16s as inspiration for his prints. According to Cody, novelty is the new paradigm and clothes are merging into one season (at the same time he’s shipping his winter stock to Beijing, he’s shipping his summer collection to Mellbourne). The future according to Cody, “there are no restrictions…pluralism and cross-culturalism rule…life is an ethnic mosaic,” I love it!

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  • kat

    live him, one of the most interesting videos yet. i love his idea on crazy prints and such. plus the differences from every place he has lived i think has really formed him as a person from texas to ny to london to shanghai.

  • prince

    like that style..thanks

    Other blog’s Prince ronel and iamronel



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  • Paul Phillip

    This guy is just completely hilarious and 100% hideous. Sorry my friend but please come back from the future.