Christine de Lassus

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Christine told me that she fought like hell in Catholic school in France to express herself within the confines of having to adhere to a strict dress code by wearing colorful knee socks. Nothing was holding her back from being an individual. Her determined, creative spirit landed her in NY in the early ’80s, where she lived at the infamous Chelsea Hotel and found herself hanging out with legendary artists of downtown NYC, without really knowing who they were. Among them were William S. Burroughs, Antonio Lopez, Martine Barrat and Arthur C. Clarke, with whom she used to play ping-pong in her loft. Christine has worked with the crème de la crème of photographers and magazines in the fashion business, including Irving Penn, who she said she loves for his brilliance but also his gentlemanliness, elegance, manners, class, and humility. One of the things that I loved most about Christine is how unpretentious she is. She says, “People that I profoundly, deeply respect are humble, and usually talented. It gives them the space to be talented. They’re not selling anything, they’re just creating.” She is obsessed with film, books, photography, and traveling, and her life is consumed with inspiration in general from all areas of life, which contributes to her cutting edge and classic vision as an artist. Christine is so skillful in her taste and as to what works on her both in shape and design that she is a master of making a huge statement, but in the most quiet and minimal way.

  • Neil

    Oh she knows her stuff…How I wish the segments in the video were longer so that her story could emerge…Thankyou for uploading…X

  • tziporah salamon

    a class act.
    thank you

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

    her bedroom is gorgeous. so serene and chic.

  • paris bear

    she’s the best. full stop.

  • Sherri

    Very stylish and thoughful outlook.

  • lola

    I’m sorry, but this woman is a snob and she embodies the definition of an orientalist.

  • Baggia Martyr

    Wow. She’s so honest and endearing and her personal style is so sharp. Love love love her.

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