Christian Joy

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The multi-leveled nuances of texture and colors in Christian’s style reflects that of the Cubist-inspired artist she most admires for the “joy” she brings to her work: Sonia Delaunay. A jean jacket with intricate Sharpie drawings and studs (inspired by the folkloric art book Native Flash and Funk) paired with Gaultier men’s trousers and any one of her huge repertoire of spray-painted men’s shoes, or a floor length patterned dress from the ’70s with a silk tangerine kimono are examples of how she channels Delauney. “The more expressive you are, the better,” she says. Nothing is going to happen just by being complacent. “I want somebody from any walk of life to be able to come up and look at something I made and either hate it, or really, really love it.” Read More

Christian is known for designing stage costumes for Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, beginning with the deconstructed prom dresses she was making when first she started out as a designer. Their collaboration evolved and persists; Christian recalls a seminal moment for herself as an artist on the band’s tour for 2003′s Fever To Tell. Karen wore a colorful hand-made skeleton suit — “Kind of Day of the Dead,” Christian says — with lots of embroidery, a three-dimensional heart, and arteries. But what excited the designer most was the thirty feet of intestines that could be pulled out by the audience. Christian never stops creating. “I constantly think about it. I dream about it.” Everything in her apartment is silk-screened, from the pillows to her linens.

Christian’s clean, slicked-back hair and classic red lips make her feel as though she can go a little further out on a limb with her clothing, and reveals the conscious detail with which she approaches everything. A white jumpsuit looks “Bohemian chic” with a burgundy scarf tied like an ascot, matching socks, and shoes covered in her abstract Sharpie patterns — and one of her own silk-screened, floor length skirts with a black tank, and a vintage necklace with bold, “unusual combination of colors.” But most poignant to me is how Christian’s sense of peace in creating manifests in how cool she makes a simple breton shirt from Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren pants and an Ann Taylor belt with her splash-of-paint-on-the-oxfords look.

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  • brighton

    love love love these photos!!

  • Samira

    I remember her from the Daryl K days! I’m a fellow Iowan and it definitely seemed to me like she was what New York was all about :)

  • RAMI

    EXCUSE ME, but since when is it alright (or even remotely acceptable) to walk around in T-shirts with swastikas on them!?!?!?!?!?

    I do not care if the T-shirt is some form of art or if there is a header (“DESTROY,” which is barely legible). This is purely insensitive and quite frankly – disgusting. To turn such a symbol of hate and mass murder into something “wearable” is absolutely inexcusable, not to mention trivializing.

    I do not support this featured artist, and quite frankly, I am disappointed at StylelikeU for even featuring her (ALONG with the T-shirt!)

  • eva

    Love this. She’s genuine, she really gets it.
    Style cannot be bought.

  • Ramona_Canino

    Rami, I believe what you’re referring to as a swastika is really a sacred buddhist symbol. It’s called “Chu Van” and is a mark of enlightenment… I don’t think we should judge Christian off of a t-shirt either. Simply listen to her and you’ll see that she is a great person and artist.

  • RAMI


    I hear what you’re saying and while the swastika may have originated as a Buddhist symbol, it has most unfortunately become something entirely different. I don’t think many people today would see a swastika and associate it with its peaceful origins. Unfortunately, it has been smeared to represent something much darker and more disturbing. I think to disregard this is highly insensitive.

    I don’t want to judge Christian for this T-shirt, but I think it is a reflection of poor judgment and insensitivity.

  • Teresa

    Wow, must must must find a pair of brogues and paint them! Loved this post.

  • Hannah Marie Taylor

    Everything about her aesthetic is delicious. It would be a dream to wear one of her pieces. :-)

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