Chris Ford, Closets
Chris Ford

When asked if he could be any person from history, Chris said that he would be Cat Stevens. I get it - I have had "Father and Son" and "Sad Lisa" on replay since the '70s. Like his taste in legends, Chris is anything but derivative. With an affinity for the sophisticated and elementary, he wears the quintessential Beatle boot and an actual navy cadet coat. In addition, an American flag is his primary decoration and hangs prominently on his wall. Chris' maternal forebears are heavily documented and date back to the Mayflower, with a "crazy history up and down the East Coast."

With exploring in his gene pool, his mom decided that learning for Chris and his older sister was best done on the road, rather than in a classroom. As a result, she took them on frequent US road trips for months at a time as children. Today, both siblings have a passion for Americana that has manifested itself in a thriving vintage clothing business that keeps Chris journeying from town to town, searching for the most unique pieces. Sometimes, he finds himself in a new city everyday and he says that he lives for the excitement that each place can bring. "If in Cleveland, rock jump, and if in Florida, wrestle alligators." Living in the moment and by the seat of your pants, Chris feels are lessons learned from a nomadic existance. So when he tried to adapt and wear the proper black suit to a wedding, no one recognized him. Chris cut the pants into shorts right then and there.

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