Carter Emmart

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Carter is the Director of Astrovisualization at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History.

While the fashion business shakes over the new wave of Paris Hilton-types in the front row, I am quaking over Carter, whose fashion reflects both his travels worldwide and literally out of this world, as the one who is responsible for taking the science of the universe and making it visible. He feels that to understand something and to turn it into a whole career, one should have a deep knowledge of that subject. Carter has not only worked at NASA and with the second person to walk on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, he regularly visits and studies about places such as the Hindu Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, a ruin built in the twelfth-century that he has been fascinated with since he was a kid. He feels that places like this, as well as cathedrals and other stone edifaces that are odes to God, are models of the universe in their attempt to reach for the heavens, much like the plantetarium today. The jewelry and scarves piled on his neck and wrists, from Bangkok, Vietnam, Mali, Greece, and many places in between, are as much a reflection of the all-encompassing scope of his life as a scientist of the stars as his jumpsuit from 8th St. circa 1985 (worn as much for fashion as for the hope of going into space). Carter’s office is a virtual, cosmic, mind-blowing creative explosion of everything from children’s toys and books to the most esoteric publications and every conceivable artifact of the journey of his life imaginable (see the picture captions). In the case of Carter, the leopard jeans and Dirty Rat Bastard sneakers are all about the vision of the man who wears them. I don’t know many whose perspective literally comes from Mars and back.

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  • minna

    That was really good! This has become my favorite style blog. I love the direction that you are taking. Interviewing people from a variety of life work, and showcasing their contributions to society. Then showing that they have dope ass style. You can have a major sense of taste and originality and not work in the fashion industry in any way. I appreciate these last few posts especially for these reasons.

  • elisa

    i cannot begin to tell you how much that means to me and our team thank you xo

  • lily

    thank you minna, that means a lot to us!

  • E

    I’m loving the fact that you feature people whose style transcends age, gender and fashion. I go back time and again to enjoy people who are comfortable in their own skin – self-assurance and humour does it for me every time.

    This wonderful fellow is one of them – fab!

  • catherine

    I second what E said.

    I love, love, love the inclusiveness of this site. It’s so beautiful to share the style (but it’s more than that! it’s the stories!) of a true, authentic variety of people. You’re taking the obnoxious and exclusive part of the fashion world away, and zeroing in on the good stuff.

  • maria kowalski

    Loved the story! I was smiling while browsing the pictures and reading. I am such a curious human being, I just love how you gave me the first row seat into someone else´s life´s. It was a voyeur trip to outer space and back.. This guy really inspired me.

  • Charlene

    he is the epitomy of someone who perfectly embodies the arts and sciences. loved how he had that toy’r'rus bangle sitting alongside all his other cultural finds.


  • Claire

    Best post yet! I absolutely love him!

  • Rachel Lena Esterline

    smile says it all.

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  • cati

    …he is fantastic…

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