Brooklyn Babydoll, Closets
Brooklyn Babydoll

Brooklyn Babydoll says that she comes across as a bitch, but she is a total goofball and she spends a lot of time cracking herself up. She cracks me up, like when she goes off on the people at the opera in jeans and hoodies, "were they just walking down the street and decided to go to the Lincoln Center?" Brooklyn Babydoll is an old fashioned girl in that everything has a matching purse, a hat for all occassions and I am guessing an obsessive cocktail dress collection (so much so that she takes inteference on eBay as a sign from the universe that she doesn't really need another one), kind of way. Dressing up in the way that a 1950's ingenue did in the movies is what Brooklyn Babydoll does everyday, like her cotton candy prom dress that got her "accosted" on the Metro in Paris. Poufy jackets are a bad word, except that she feels that their popularity keeps the price of her precious vintage furs down. I too, like Brooklyn Babydoll, mourn a culture lost to jeans, sweatpants, crocs and flip flops as acceptable on any occassion let alone a special one. However, you might find me in the most artfully ripped jeans at the opera, but never with flip flops.

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