Ashton Michael, Closets
Ashton Michael

Ashton was born and raised in East LA, where he was a child actor, growing up on tv and movie sets. Today, the bow tie tattoo on the front of his neck, and his "Dali" moustache exclaim the dramatic, "dapper dan" in him. However, don't let his appearance fool you, as today, Ashton is all about focusing on the background artistry, the "behind the scenes." With his partner, Marko Martone, they are center stage as the founders of The House of Infinite Radness, where performers experience 360 degrees in fashion and beauty styling, head-to-toe, including access to Ashton's own "glamourized, ghetto punk" clothing line. Ashton says, "give me a treatment, give me a direction... and I will kill it." The stars may come to him for dressing, but Ashton is the lead in his own style story. There is the collection he designs, and his "dailies" (aka what he relies on to feel himself or "presentable"). These include his Lanvin shades, his "bling bling" earrings, his high top sneaks (he never leaves home without them), despite the fact that he feels that everyone should own a pair of creepers and his own brand of harem trousers, that can be dressed up or down. The New York in him is hard working to the point of exhaustion, but it's all with passion. He would rather be "beat, after working eighteen hours, than be tired from doing nothing." Whereas the "LA" side adds a certain lightness and self deprecation, like when he refers to his underwear and socks as the "president" of his outfit "foundation." The foundation, he believes is essential and right now, it's about the classics, like, black and white, and houndstooth. Ashton feels there is no challenge too big for him, just like the prominent coi-fish (fish who swim upstream) tattoo on his arm will tell you.

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