Ashley Shaw

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Half Swedish and Italian, but from suburban Pennsylvania, Ashley’s got a captivating “movie star” look with a total down home, earthy personality. Lipstick is her thing, and with lips to kill, the reds and purples give the care-free hippy in her an ultra sophisticated polish, alittle reminiscent of film siren Lauren Bacall. Ashley’s a head-turning hybrid of flower child (she has the Monterey Pop Music Festival documentary on loop) and glamorous Russian princess, in one of her many knockout flea market picks; a loden cape, floral high-waisted pants, and very “Janis” clogs. Ashley turns lady-like to ’70s funky with her leopard fake-fur coat and head scarf or pink fairy dress with feathered head piece. And her go to is the Salvation Army and there, rags become riches with impeccable finds such as the indigenous Peruvian poncho (for $1) to the quintessential ’60s house dress, worn in her effortless synthesis of rock and roll meets glam way.

To learn more about Ashley, go to the detailed captions page.

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  • Sherri

    Great style! her grandmother bracelet is so gorgeous.

  • Ross

    Her comment on not wearing pants for the last eight months is crazy….. I con’t do that! then again, I’m male.

  • Clark

    She’s darling! Down to earth, not caught up in labels, and has great style! And Ross, you goose, she does wear pants, just not JEANS.

  • coco

    omg! I want her closet! every single piece! :)
    she is lovely! and her style is just amazing.


  • Samara

    loved this girl…..she knows what suits her and is not afraid of being original. adorable!

  • devi

    Whatta babe! Her style has inspired me to do more with myself. NY needs more people like her.

  • allison

    total reminds me of whitney port

  • morgan

    really great post

  • Aria

    She rocks!

  • sophie

    LOVE her style

  • Céleste

    Looove her style.

  • lucylu

    love love love her! so nice and genuine and not pretentious in an annoying fashion way. that cape/jacket thing is my favourite!

  • Leigh

    Wow, LOVE this post. She’s so pretty!! I adore the video and the stories she shares. So refreshing seeing a beautiful, stylish girl who is so down to earth!



  • Gladys Grimaldi

    Ashley is the most stylish person ever!!! She looks amazing in ANYTHING!!


    ash, hit me up here !!

  • Camille

    Love her outfits! She puts herself together really well. Her book collection is really great as well.

  • kj fergie

    i havent commented on any of the posts before but i love her! fabulous and resourceful
    love love love!

  • kj fergie

    i am a salvation army scavenger myself ;)

  • Wrecked Stellar

    Love her style! The thought of not wearing jeans for 8 months makes me want to try that for myself! I esp. love her soldier dress- too rad- and her change purse necklace! Urban is selling one but I love hers since it’s larger. The lace cami with the pants and clogs were perfection!

  • Maxi

    Swooning over this girl! WANT those belle & sebastian posters over her bed!!! so rad! One of my favourite bands as well. Would love to see some of her modeling pictures. She’s rad!

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  • Ellie

    she is a sweetheart i love the pic of her grandmother, the jumpsuit with the DM’s, all her coats, her bedroom, everything i love her. I have that little babypink dress from HnM. the leopard coat is amazing with the headscarf the little purse round her neck THE SUMMER HANDBAG. im inspired my fave on here without a doubt

  • Erin

    She’s very cool and sweet and real with some serious style!!!

    Love her!

  • SamBamThankYouMaam

    love her! that jumpsuit is amazing and her color sense divine. i am in serious covetation of her vintage soldier dress. i like the joy and ease she takes in the whole shebang.

  • Mel

    Ashley is a real inspiration, her style seems so carefree yet carefully put together, she knows exactly what to pair with what. She really inspired me to get out of jeans and to be more feminine and also to venture to vintage shops. She is definitely my favourite on here along with Julia Gartland (whose opening message “do you love it” has been taken with me when shopping, to remind me not to buy for the sake of buying) The whole site is really inspiring to delve into other people’s interpretations of style and to see what they do is amazing, I love how it’s so accessible and you can learn so much from others!

  • martins

    ohh love her red lipstick very sexy style to..

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  • Josephine

    Holy moly, so inspiring. A thrift store pro. Her style is very fun and editorial in a way. Very relatable.

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