Ashley Jayne Meyers

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“The people I find most interesting are usually the ones that were outcasts. It’s usually the quiet ones that express themselves the loudest,” says Ashley. In fact, she is so otherworldly-looking that Ashley could pass for a life-size doll. Like a ghost from the past, as she refers to herself, her fair skin and “dark creepy eye,” looking “like she hasn’t slept,” are spooky and beautiful at the same time. Ultra feminine, she is always in velvet and lace and even her socks have to be frilly. Ashley wears her ’60s flower child meets 1800s Victorian aesthetic on her sleeve with loads of Lennon sunglasses, fringe, corsets, lace chokers and granny boots. She is so deep into her fairytale world that friends make fun of her because she looks like she woke up singing with birds flocking to her window – picture a witchy Snow White.

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  • Elinei Herrmann

    Ashley has amazing style and personality! I’m so glad she was featured! :D

  • Aria Cavaliere

    This girl rocks! and I want those Forever 21 jeans!!

  • Sophie Samul

    i have so much love for this lady, and i’m so glad to hear her voice!

  • Dani Baum

    Dear World,

    I am so happy that you get to see the closet of AJM, one of my closest friends. I get to see her creative amazingness every day… and now you can too :) Her outside beauty matches her inside beauty and I am proud to call her my partner in crime. xxx.

  • Olnuzola

    I love the fact that you have multiple styles & so multiple characters which are all you. I sort of have that too. Great great looks babe! I especially love picture 1, 6, and 7.