Ally McCormack, Closets
Ally McCormack

The entire shoot with Ally, I kept thinking that she is so put together, she could walk onto a period movie set and the crew would think she was part of it. Ally loves to be "dressed up" and has a way of throwing many influences together into one. Her taste for the past is joyfully obsessive and as a result, she has given up fashion design to be a vintage clothing wholesaler/retailer. She can channel anything from the past into modern times. Three genres she is especially enamored with are the mod of Peggy Moffitt, the classic Hollywood of Ginger Rogers, and the folk/rock of Kate Bush. Although she says, with total conviction, that a new purchase can change her color palette and send her into a different decade at any time. Ally is a little Madeline with her school girl kilts and hats and ornately satin ribboned flats. She also reminds me of Jackie O with 90's street mixed in, in her neon orange/red shift dress paired with a bright yellow pair of patent Doc Martens. I love this story of Ally's, it kind of says it all about the innocent spirit that reflects in her style, "my favorite outfit when I was little was a mock turteneck that was yellow and white stripes and I'd wear it with my turquoise bike shorts and I thought it really went well together. I've held onto that thing where it comes to combining colors and prints and textures that are different from one another and shouldn't really go together in the rulebook, and mixing in a non matching way."

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