Ali Lovell

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Ali loves Doris Day, Auntie Mame, Judy Garland, jazz, being alone, watching the History Channel and wearing Aerosoles to the Goodwill so she can hunt with a fervor for vintage finds. She’s a beautiful, stylish nerd who wants to be a wedding planner for gay couples because she lives for the romance in life. Although I am convinced that she should be on the stage, Ali doesn’t need one because she is so immersed within her own imagination – life is her stage. “The best thing in the entire world is when you see someone walking down the street, and you see the wind blowing in their hair just the right way, and suddenly, it’s a scene, and it’s so perfect.” Ali’s a showstopper in a red and black plaid prom dress, Ralph Lauren style. But what makes it so outstanding is the way she poufs it up with crinolines, throws a leopard hooded cape over it and adds extra detail with a random piece of black lace over her shoulder.

Great taste is in Ali’s genes – her mom’s hand-me-downs include a custom Commes des Garcons plaid twisted skirt that Ali wears as a tunic and a sequined rabbit fur trim jacket that Ali wears over a vintage bathing suit. When she wears it, she pictures herself being “really pretentious, at the beach and reading a FDR biography.” The truth is that Ali is as unaffected as they come. She is as much her charming, real self in jeans, Cole Haan loafers and a big sweater as she is in her grandmother’s beaver fur hat, “running through the train station. You find your love in this hat,” she says. Knowing Ali, she’d be running in her beloved $9 Ross pumps. She thinks she’s not an original, but she is.

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  • Rachel Esterline

    I’m so happy for everyone to get a hit of Ali.. she’s soooooo good. A real babe.

  • Dani Baum

    Love that hat that her grandmother gave her… And how she says, she doesn’t like things, that she loves them, that she doesn’t dabble… I sooo relate to that… I can totally see Ali walking down the street with a gorgeous Dalmation…

  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    i think she was a 1930’s hollywood movie star in her past life! she is so dramatic and charming. she is one of those ladies that stand out in a crowd.

  • ManiCure Versace


  • Skyler J.

    I’m getting some definite Carrie Bradshaw vibes from her. Fantastic.

  • Alley O’Shea

    Ali is fantastic. She has great energy.

  • Laura Mitchell

    I love her personality! She’s such an individual, which is refreshing. I think everyone should be as confident and secure in knowing what they like and dislike.

  • jetaime123

    one of my faves so far – she is rad!!

  • Meagan McConnell
  • Zooey Purdy

    ALI. IS. SO. CUTE.

  • Liz Forsyth Lovell

    WOW its great to see Ali online. What great fashion
    taste she has…of course its in the family. Mom

  • Rachel Merrill

    addicted to the history channel too. though I dont have the looks and style and awesome crazy old broad vibe to go along with it.

  • S.f. Perrius

    She’s amazing–that cream top hat-ish item and the black jacket, the belted fur chubby and those pants that were made for her–amazing. She’s shaking San Francisco awake for sure. Amazing, but she seems a little…high to me. Not judging, just saying….

  • Becca Marie

    she is charming!!! one of my favorites, she actually made me laugh out loud many times. i love the red dress with leopard coat..stunning

  • Åsa Copparstad

    Great! Love her style.

  • Domonique Echeverria


  • Shannah Dutrisac

    Her personality is divine. She is so amazing I want to befriend her! Love her style, love the old Hollywood glam.


  • Hellen Torres

    I love the top hat.. I’m drolling ,thats how much I love it.

  • Flamingos and Mustard

    This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Christina Topacio

    Her personality is obsessive. I love her. There is something so intriguing about her that I can’t help but be drawn to her. Her eccentricity is way beyond most people…which I find addicting.

  • Alley O’Shea

    hats hats hats. I love this girl. Her energy is contagious.

  • Alice Lancaster

    cutie pie alert! she is so fun : )

  • Valerie

    She is my favorite.

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