Alexandria Hilfiger

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Within minutes of walking through Alexandria’s door, I was quickly immersed in her exuberance as she draped herself in her recent Peruvian purchases of tassles and bells that the Alpaca wear. Her ecstasy over indigenous cultures and their eclectic and colorful aesthetic is palpable and I get it, 100 percent. Even their animals have better accessory options than we do in Manhattan.

Earthy and glamorous, free-spirited and driven, Ally, who sometimes refers to herself as Alexandria, is charming and real. During our shoot, the Joni Mitchell in her danced in her living room to Edward Sharpe while wearing a Bess chiffon hippie dress with Converse sneakers and a tee, proudly talking about how she only breaks the rules if she won’t get in trouble (like wearing this outfit to a fancy event.) Later, her inner Katharine Hepburn emerged in a pair of baggy, pleated high-waist trousers, chunky YSL heels and a button-up shirt tied at the waist, a look that spoke to her serious side and slamming work ethic.

The bike that she rides all over the city – I imagine her in the Annie Hall-ish floppy straw hat, over the knee socks, boyfriend cardigan, and jean cutoffs – is as much a fixture in her apartment as the paintbrushes displayed in a jar and curtains made of fabric from Afghanistan. Every tiny detail is important in getting it right, she says. Whether it’s something from the Gap or Salvation Army, it’s just a matter of whether the sleeves are rolled up or down and whether you have eyeliner on. Ally has known the virtues of what’s tried and true from a young age, she wore a pair of Chinese slippers given to her by her dad when she was a toddler until they didn’t fit anymore.

You won’t find drugs in the pouch that she wears around her neck – she doesn’t even smoke or drink. Rather, she carries a vial of a oil that maintains balance and an amethyst for containing her psychic energy, both of which she has a lot of. Wise beyond her years, Ally is launching her first clothing line in February and stepping into her own fuzzy, authentic slippers.

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  • Sophie Conti

    BRILLIANT!!!!! TOO CUTE!! She is super easy breezy beautiful in those convies paired with the silky bess dress of delight.

  • DizzyMarie

    I love her jewelry, shoes, and that brown dress! Can’t really say I’m a fan of her style, but she rocks it. I did like her “serious” outfit though!

  • Rachel Esterline

    she’s at the office right now doing a twisted classic.. pure magic. thank you Ally!! <3

  • Dani Baum

    Such a lovely person… I absolutely adore the bells that she bought that are supposed to go on a llama!

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  • Jordan Middendorf

    she is just infectious! llama bells and lanvin and love!

  • S.f. Perrius

    Gorgeous! She’s really pitch perfect. She has an excellent eye for color (and non-colors), as well.

  • Kelly Brown

    love her eclectic style, definite a style icon in my book!

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  • Justyna Baraniecki-Andrzejak

    adoring her tons!

  • Diana Barry

    I’m glad to see that her style has changed dramatically since she was on that MTV “Rich Girls” show. Much better.

  • Sophie Samul

    so gorgeous, and such a great presence to have at the slu office on wednesday!

  • Brandon Acton-Bond

    Agree totally with Dani and Jordan. Lama bells for the win! Lets all book a trip pronto to Peru!

  • Simon Rasmussen

    Cute style.. but why the vases and flowers in front of a Basquiat?? Damn girl :) peace and love..

  • Melanie Lee

    I love the maxi dress that she made short with the belt. She has a lovely spirit to her.

  • HauteSalesGal

    She’s really cute…

  • Rebecca Vandersteen

    i love her earthy and so aware of her spiritual path.FREE SPIRITS RULE! i really love her taste in jewelry and accessories…especially her medicine pouch necklace.we all should have one.i have one for sure. we all need balance. also,she seems not to care about materialistic things and she could have it all. i really enjoyed this of my favorites!

  • Elfee Duquette

    Beautiful spirt!

  • Elfee Duquette


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  • Michelle Ruiz

    I use to watch her show on MTV, always loved her realistic point of view, style, and eyebrows ! Can’t wait to see he line. Very happy to see she is so grounded and doesn’t flash labels around like the show on MTV tried to do. Great girl, we’d get along very well haha!

  • ElleKhaled

    Ally, can i borrow your shoes!! too cute, love her style and personality!!! <3

  • Andres Mathis

    Alexandria i Promise that you are my everything, from the clothes that i wear to the pillow that i sleep on and i want you in my life forever marry me ally?

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  • Samantha Lind

    I appreciate people who are emotionally connected with every article clothing they have. It seems as though each piece has a story, and when she showed her old shoes that she had a child, I wanted to cry (it could be PMS lol). She seems extremely genuine regardless of her fame and famous parents. It’s nice to know people like Ally do exist :)

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  • edropoff

    We wrote about Ally on our blog…Can’t wait for the launch of NAHM!

  • m h

    LOVE your eyebrows. If you ever check this would you mind commenting where you get them done???

  • Alley O’Shea

    beautiful soul…

    I love her spinning in her clay skirt.

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  • Jennifer Layne Cardon

    What a refreshing interview…I have secretly carried crystals and spiritual oils with me for a long time now– I love how she shared them proudly. She seems incredibly centered and curious about the world around her. I can completely identify with her bohemian spirit. Love her.

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  • maria

    i remember this girl from a reality show on MTV called “RICH GIRLS”. her and her bestie were followed around and showed themselves to be complete morons. not sure what dadddy did to get that show from ever being re-played because luckily for miss hilfiger it hasn’t seen the light of day since that one season. sorry, but no amount of good PR now will ever change the face of vapidness that she extoled. she’s the poster girl for the spoiled rich. now we can add culture vulture to that title.

  • maria

    the proof is in the pudding:

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