Alexa Winner

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Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Alexa wears baggy sweatpants, gym shoes and Harley Davidson t-shirts by day, and is all legs and heels by night. There doesn’t seem to be a thing that she owns that doesn’t get cut, studded or corseted, she transforms a dowdy garment into the height of flirty couture. Her ultimate passion lies in her fetish for shoes. Alexa has such a weakness for them, that they align her walls often unworn. She is a Shoe Design major at Parsons and has created a collection of Louis XIV inspired shoes that makes me (a fellow shoe obsessive) hyperventilate.

  • Anna

    You are my favorite person so far

  • amanda

    love all of the shoes. i also like it that its around ur bedroom. very cool way of mixing it in.

  • KK

    Love the studded corset and shortend grandma dress. The personal accents are stellar and now I want to get out my own sewing cut and work away! Do wish the video was longer, Lil, but otherwise fantastic post! :)

  • mtb

    I love your Alexa Winner rhinestone shoes!

  • fcm

    I’d like to see another arrticle on her featuring just all of her shoes!

  • SLB

    She’s awesome!!!

  • Jacqueline

    i really like the painted nike shoes

  • John

    poor girl

  • NYStyle

    I feel like this girl is really going to make it big….

  • mukie

    alexa is so talented and i know she is going to do amazing things in the future with her career. she should wear all her shoes!

  • dim


  • cot

    indigenously chic

  • Josephine

    Love a good shoe addict. I like how she alters pieces.

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  • Alexandra

    You should redo a longer version! I loooove her. So unpretentious and cool

  • IVY

    the wall of shoes is to die for!!

  • Kelley O’Brien

    I feel like I can totally relate to Alexis, because I have a dress up style and then a sweater, t-shirt and jeans style, Totally love her! Shoes are amazing.

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