Akeem Bazaar

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I love the moment in Akeem’s video when he describes his coat as “I am here!” Everything about him is show-stopping, and he pushes the boundaries from his Josephine Baker curls to his Shabba Ranks-inspired dancehall braids and hat. He’s from Crown Heights, where his theatrical-like presence garners him a lot of attention, both positive and negative. However, it all bounces off Akeem, his self-possessed style only reflects his great energy. Classic becomes borderline fly in his vintage floor-length kilt, made modern with a Jellie shoe or rich and tribal with a Moroccan slip-on. Predictable becomes extravagant in his striking collection of furs and in his black leather jacket that he makes over-the-top Givenchy-esque by adding grommets. Akeem is heading towards a career in costume design, where I am rooting for his many inventive ideas (like shredding a white button down) to become legend.

  • Stephanie

    People are out there dressing like this?

  • Lindsey

    I love you. Never stop running!

  • da mentor

    more and more yourself, more and more amazing. just keep going.

  • Brooklyn

    this fat poor black loser mainly steals all his trashy clothing from thrift shops all around manhattan and brooklyn, nothing of his has been actually bought or hard earned. this style is just utter shit

  • Matt

    Brooklyn—First of all, I am deeply sorry for you that you would ever feel the need to be so cruel to another human being. Secondly, you clearly do not understand the brilliance of his references. When is the last time you saw a kid from Crown Heights understanding the genius of people like Josephine Baker, Shabba Ranks and the distinguished look of Scottish kilt, the classicism of a jelly, the timelessness of a captain hook-style shoe and the eternal regality of authentic clothes from Africa?

  • rell

    this is a freakin genius right here so fall back

  • So

    He is fearless.

  • What Would Siena Fleming Do?

    You go girl! Keep on running!

  • Ant

    Oh shit thats Lil Kim
    That be in gold bar
    yessss honey
    show them how its done

    to Brooklyn. Hi Hater

  • Andrea

    Cheap looking and he steals his clothes? Gross

  • Mike

    Individualism gone wrong…..

  • What would Siena Fleming Do?

    the hateration of you people is just sad. Akeem is a style god. its so sad that he would probably be forced to run from the likes of sorry ass insecure people like yourselves.

  • sam

    crackheads: so sensitive

  • morgan

    crackheads are really sensative, nanners

  • Andrea

    It’s not sad, it’s the truth.

  • Céleste

    The pepetoe boots is really cool. Inspiration.

  • Amber

    Keema as usual you got the girls going crazy

  • daynestarr

    AOWW ; I live for it ..
    so different.
    so unique
    1Os , doll xo .

  • tina

    “He didn’t make that coat with the gromets, that’s a vintage jacket I saw at metropolis on 3rd ave.”

    wow hahaha, what a faker

  • kendra

    so flamboyant. the peep-toe boots, the biker jacket w/ grommets, the d.i.y. harem pants, the “keep it hood” jesus chain…LOVE IT!

    also love the comment on the sensitive crackheads. HA!

  • be_a_lady

    To Brooklyn: “fat black loser”? really. wow. racism & hate is still the height of fashion, i see. explain what “black” has to do with it.

    To Matt: thanks for trying not to be racist, BUT, insinuating that because Akeem comes from Crown Heights, (and is black, as it is a predominantly black, working class neighborhood) he should not know who Josephine Baker is, and what constitutes high fashion, reeks of both racist and classist assumptions. High fashion often steals ideas from the very streets this young man comes from. Biggest example: “Homeless chic” Next biggest: “Hip hop ‘urban’ style”

  • Molly

    OMG He’s amazing
    How old is this kid

  • streetwear

    Wow,super site here!

  • Leena

    He has to be from New York
    This is exactly why I wanna move there
    beautiful !!!

  • High_Fash

    I use to see this guy all the time
    he use to be giving crazy tranny look
    He looks better on the street
    than he did in this video

  • lela

    You are too cute!


    ok ppl chill out i think Akeem is hilarious gorgeous in his own right, and nevertheless he’s being himself, which not a lot of ppl can do now a days, whether black white asian or hispanic