Agnes Baddoo

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Shirt & Scarf from The Rose Bowl.

Agnes is a testament to the impact one’s cultural roots has on their being. A NYC kid from the late 60s/early 70s, Agnes swaps trends for seminal garments that transcend time. Internationally educated and surrounded by classmates from all over the globe,  Agnes’s zest for eclecticism shines through her like an incandescent bulb with her Liberty of London prints, West African fabrics, and 70s/80s dresses that she inherited from her mom. “I didn’t understand why anyone would have a problem with race or color or religion because when you would sit at the international play group everyone would have their flag.” I particularly love how Agnes’s childhood uniform of  clogs, jeans, and little sweaters is basically how she still dresses today. I also adore how she covets a Marni bed jacket because it looks like something she wore in high school. Brainless assimilation is extinguished on Planet Agnes – an almost unimaginable feat in our present societal orbit.


Left: Tucker dress ; Right: Clements Ribeiro poncho.



Dress from Dosa, Soludos shoes.


Shoes by Beatrice Valenzuela.


Left: Marni Jacket & Vintage Slip. Right: Clements Ribeiro poncho, Missoni pants, Antique Batik Mocassins.


  • Candice


  • Patty Morgan

    I love the picture of the hands. Most portraits are of faces but, the hands can say a lot about a person.

  • Grace Black

    That is a wonderful poncho and I love those leather shoes