Alexandra Marzella, Ayqa Khan, & Monica Hernandez, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Body Hair

In collaboration with Allure, today we’re launching the first of a new video series that dispels some of our culture’s most insidious beauty myths that keep us from feeling at peace within our skin and distract us from embracing our true selves. The first myth that we’re confronting is that of women and their body hair.

We are honored to share with you the journeys of Alexandra Marzella, Ayqa Khan, and Monica Hernandez, as they defy the cultural norms that a woman is only beautiful if she has soft, porcelain, baby skin. Each one of these three badass women have battled external pressure to rid themselves of their body hair and are now setting themselves free, tuning into their own internal voice to determine how the hair on their body should be.

No woman should feel shame for something so natural as growing body hair-- not by corporations, boys, friends, family members, or society by large. What a woman wants to do with her body is her choice and her choice alone. And these three are in their power, rocking the beauty of liberation.

Elisa + Lily

The Body Hair episode was edited by Andrea Cruz & Christophe McHale

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  • Marianka

    Thank you! that takes courage and it's adding to the inevitable evolution of minds. One day is not going to be scary or strange anymore. And it's today that started.

  • Ava

    What you are doing is so precious and NECESSARY. Because women are so much more than what we are still "taught" today, have been taught for ages. Thank you for giving me self-confidence in just being me. Cannot thank you enough. And thank you for making a move and being courageous!!! It is sad to think that being courageous means to do what you do in a way but times are as they are - please go on!! There is so much beauty out there.

  • Claire

    thank you girls,means a lot to me to have a voice speaking loud about body hair in a society where everyone shaves without even thinking they have a choice to not do it!
    It's nice to feel like people get what you are thinking and not have to explain it to everyone around you!

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