Let Go Of Expectations This Valentine’s Day: A Love Story

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Whenever we feature couples on the site, we are always struck by the symbiosis of their styles and how inspiring they are as dynamic duos. This is what moved us to bring eight couples together in order to make this Valentine’s Day video, A Love Story, for you. Read More

Busting the cliches that beset love (and all things) is hard to do. There is the notion that we can skirt over the inevitable struggles and skip right to happily every after with everything we desire at our fingertips. By tracing the journeys of our couples — how they fell in love and how they continue to navigate their committed relationships — our Valentine’s Day video hopes to topple the insidious emptiness that’s packaged as “love,” while unveiling its universal beauty.

In every shape, size, form, and style, these sixteen individuals reveal the magnificence that is found in the journey, and how style is as much about being real as it is about what you put on.

In the end, love, like style, is all about the spirit.

Happy Valentine’s Day,
xoxox Elisa & Lily

Made in collaboration with I AM pictures
Edited by Zoe Potkin
Directed by Alexey Yurenev
Photos by Alexey Yurenev

  • tango juliet

    Soul elevating and life affirming. Thank you.

  • Jojo

    Think you.

  • Samantha Alpert

    that was so beautiful , perfect to watch on valentines day with my soul-mate . thank you.

  • Neil Davies

    That was lovely…Thank you…Xx

  • Bobbie Robinson

    So sweet! Thanks for making this, and thanks to all the adorable couples for sharing their love and their stories. xxxx

  • jameswolf01

    To the couples thanks for sharing, and to the producers well done!

  • Jimmy Neda

    So beautiful!

  • onesmallhand

    thank you

  • Yuu Hashimoto

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