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Continuing our mission to break down the stale myths that birth ignorance, assimilation, and pain, we are launching our second monthly theme: Sex and Gender. We begin with a fashion film, starring three of our muses - student Brandon Acton-Bond, artist Andrew Yang, and model/musician Tatiana Pajkovic - each of whom we consider to be activists by just being so comfortably and unapologetically themselves. The video deconstructs the typical fashion shoot by having our subjects style themselves, with both genders using the same core four pieces -- a Dries Van Noten houndstooth suit, an Emerson plaid skirt, a baggy Raif Adelberg cardigan, and oversized A Détacher jeans-- while we gave them a platform to discuss their personal experiences with sex and sexuality. Neither their thoughts nor threads are dictated by an external source: not corporations, not public opinion, not even us. The sole prop on the set was a wall of mirrors, used to symbolize the importance of being fearlessly aware and to serve as a means to reveal the blurriness inherent within the complexities of being human. The purpose of our Sex & Gender month isn't to promote one attitude over another, but to learn more by exposing more about this incendiary topic. When we say #sexualhealing, that, in a nutshell, is what we mean.

- xo Elisa & Lily

A StyleLikeU Presentation
Featuring Tatiana Pajkovic, Andrew Yang & Brandon Acton-Bond
Directed by Celia Rowlson Hall & Adam Wissing
Founded & Creative Directed by Elisa Goodkind & Lily Mandelbaum
Produced by Ramona Canino
DP Adam Wissing
Styled by Alison Mazur
Hair by Gerald DeCock
Makeup by Harumi Machii for M.A.C Cosmetics
Set design by Abby Walton
Edited by Gregory Pescia

"Only Then" by Lovely Liar.

On Andrew Yang:
-A Détacher pants, Moschino blouse, Vivienne Westwood jacket, his own Rick Owens boots
-Dries Van Noten suit, Vintage Comme des Garçons shirt, Adrienne Landau jacket (as scarf), his own Dolce and Gabbana shoes
-Emerson skirt, Comme des Garçons blouse, leather harness by Bess, Rachel Brown jewelry, his own Rick Owens boots
-Raif Adelberg sweater, his own socks

On Tatiana Pajkovic:
-A Détacher pants, A Detacher sweater, Sobotka shirt, Moschino jacket, stylists own belt
-Dries Van Noten suit, Alberta Ferretti fur jacket, Yohji Yamato jacket, Prada shoes, stylists own flower head piece
-Emerson skirt, Moschino jacket, her own jersey, Prada shoes, Worth and Worth hat
-Raif Adelberg sweater

On Brandon Acton-Bond
-A Détacher pants, 3asFour jacket, Ivan Grundhal leather pants, Undercover for Uniqlo hoodie, thrifted pleated skirt, his own jewelry and shoes from Tibet
-Dries Van Noten suit, Comme des Garçons tailcoat, Norwegian vinyl collars, Ivan Grundhal jacket, Degan t shirt, Issey Miyake striped shirt, Adrienne Landau fur and silk scarf, 3asFour hooded vest, Issey Miyake skirt, Comme des Garçons plaid skirt, 3asFour leggings, Alice Roi belt, his own jewelry
-Emerson skirt, his own shirt, Donna Karen pants, Nike sneakers, Issey Miyake belt, his own jewelry and embroiderd collar
-Raif Adelberg sweater, stylists own necklace, his own socks

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