Brooke Stein & Lindsey Feinberg, Second Skin
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Sex and the City girl, Brooke Stein, dreams of Valentino gowns. Devoted to blush, proper-fighting skirts, and pearls, Brooke is a fashionable professional with attitude. "I like to be outdoors," Brooke says, "But outdoors sipping cocktails." When I asked the Michigan-born HuffPost Style Marketing Manager about her mountain of Vogues and Harper Bazaar's, she replied, "When I get them in the mail, it's like I'm unwrapping a present."

Illustrator Lindsey Feinberg is no Carrie Bradshaw descendent. With a style that she describes as "partial grunginess, partial laziness." Lindsey loves to be outdoors -- though not with a cocktail, but on trips with the Brooklyn Bird Club. An NYC original, Lindsey grew up watching rain forest documentaries on TV. Unappreciative of wedgies, the nature-lover dons roomy dresses and cartoon tees. Lindsey's idea of hell? An office job.

For Second Skin, I made the wildlife child and the elegant working girl spend a day in each other's clothes. In Lindsey's loose-fitting dress, Brooke felt like she was heading to the gym. As for Lindsey, she couldn't differentiate Brooke's skirts from her tops. Watching her navigate New York in Brooke's Manolos made we worried that Lindsey would have to go on her next birdwatching trip in a wheelchair.

At 6:20, you'll laugh your ass off as Brooke tries to guess Lindsey's occupation based off of her burly brown boots. Be amazed at how quickly Lindsey's sister sizes up anonymous Brooke at 13:55. You'll get all gooey inside as Lindsey's boyfriend tells her how he would've been too "intimidated" to approach her if she was in one of Brooke's Carrie Bradshaw-esque outfits. Finally, get sentimental with Brooke and Lindsey as they think about the stories behind the Keds and pearls that they were forced to wear.

Video edited by Gregory Pescia
Music by Draemings, Unisex Salon, Rural Living, & Off the Charts Radio

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  • Cara Nova Lundgren

    Novi is NOT fun!

    • Brooke

      hahahaha! ok ok Novi is kinda boring but I had the BEST childhood ever. Would I ever move back? HELL No!!

  • Brooke

    hahahaha! ok ok Novi is kinda boring but I had the BEST childhood ever. Would I ever move back? HELL No!

  • Yasemin Barlan

    I have a girl crush on Lindsey since I've watched this

    • Lindsey

      Well that's good because I was afraid everyone would think I was a huge weirdo!

  • I feel like I would love hanging out with Lindsey. She seems so chill! Loved this episode.

  • Mynka Mirnoff

    Brooke sounds incredibly boring, vapid, and self-centered.

  • B

    I love Lindsey's spirit so much 😀

  • CharJoy

    I loved both girls. They are great in there own right. Really cool segment.

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