Second Skin: Sophie and Elfee

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While everyone has a strong connection to their personal style, Second Skin facilitates a day-long style transformation in order to capture the psychological effects of how it feels to be in another person’s clothing. Watch the video to witness the effects of living a day in someone else’s shoes.

See what happens when dainty Elfee, who loves bows and channels Victorian witches, swaps clothes with Sophie, who sticks to black, Doc Martens and ripped tights. Elfee couldn’t get free food just by batting her lashes and Sophie’s friends marginalized her for trying to dress up.

  • Afro Lady

    This was beyond awesome and made me smile… Wish I could get free stuff off my looks. Lol.

  • grace b

    This is such a cool feature! Can’t wait to see more! Also would love to see Sophie’s closet.

  • Marian

    Love Elfee and loved this experiment

  • Nico

    I think I would have enjoyed the video had they not said ‘like’ every other word.

  • Iulia Romana

    THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING VIDEO EVER ! This experiment is so great and impressive, I can’t wait to see another one (as soon as possible, please)


  • Elfee Duquette

    This was a great learning experience for me.We are all beautiful no matter what we wear. Love you Sophie!

  • Fariha Róisín

    love yo.

  • Sophie Samul

    elfee is one of the most beautiful people i know, i’m so glad we got to do this! love you lil lady. come back to new york, please!

  • Kate Smyth

    would love to see more of sophie’s closet…

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