Sophia Chitlik and Fariha Roisin, Second Skin
Sophia Chitlik and Fariha Roisin

"It's very Michelle Obama," was Fariha's initial reaction upon seeing Sophia's prim, '50s housewife-inspired style. Indeed, she is correct in comparing Sophia to our preppy First Lady. Sophia, who works for the government in Washington, definitely references Michelle as a style icon as well as a personal and professional icon. It is just as clear that that both Michelle and Sophia would probably face harsh criticism from their cohorts in Washington if they arrived at work in Fariha's loose, shabby-chic bohemian threads. "This would never even occur to me to even be a piece of clothing," says Sophia when she first glances at Fariha's black, white, and purple parachute pants. Likewise, it is clear that Fariha, who, before even trying on Sophia's clothes, makes the point that, "It's taken me my whole life to be myself, so it's really scary to put on someone else's clothes." She is less than keen on going about her day-to-day activities dressed like Betty Draper. What's interesting about this particular Second Skin is that once the girls got over the initial apprehensions and discomforts of adopting one another's personal style, both seemed to recognize something: That wearing each other clothes brought out an interesting and different side to their own style and highlighted new facets of their personalities. Even though Fariha admits to her discomfort in Sophia's outfit, she can recognize the beauty in her dress and the ways she might adopt and reinterpret the look into her own style. "It's a beautiful dress. I'd probably cut it," she says. Sophia is even more enthused. "It's interesting to me... I can work it!" she proclaims, towards then end of a day in Fariha's ensemble. Watch all the action in the video above.

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