India Salvor Menuez and Irene Kim, Second Skin
India Salvor Menuez and Irene Kim

The formation of assumptions, a natural human impulse, often lead us astray. Irene and India have, to this day, never met or seen one another. When India pulled Irene's clothes out of the bag, she became immediately apprehensive. We asked India's friends who were hanging out with her on the day of the shoot to describe the girl to whom these clothes belonged. They answered that they saw her as a faux punk, a girl who dresses for boys, "like Lady GaGa if she was attending her own funeral." Likewise, when Irene donned one of India's signature looks, you could sense immediately how uncomfortable she felt. "I feel like a librarian," she said. The irony is that Lady GaGa's funereal doppelganger and dowdy bookkeeper couldn't be less accurate descriptions of both Irene and India, respectively. Still, it's interesting to watch their transformations and see how India and Irene's clothes really do look quite different and portray a different message on one another than they do on their rightful owners. While Irene expressed that she felt as though she "lost her armor" while dressing in India's clothes, India didn't even feel comfortable going outside of her apartment in Irene's threads. Watch their transformations above.

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