Second Skin: Elizabeth Ammerman and Alessandra Calabi

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Style is often about balance, but the correspondence between the two concepts can manifest itself in a multitude of ways. For example, the way that a person adorns their exterior can sometimes be seen as a complete and accurate representation of their personality. Conversely, style can also serve to express a more dormant aspect of an individual’s persona, something that may appear absent or muted in their external personality. This maxim appears to be true for both Elizabeth and Alessandra, as each balance their more overt characteristics with their respective style choices. Elizabeth, the subject with the more inherently outré ensembles, is also by far the more shy and modest of the pair while Alessandra, equally dashing in her own way, is definitely more overt and assertive personality but far simpler in her clothing choices. When Elizabeth & Alessandra are in their own clothes, a special equilibrium, one that they’ve probably unconsciously developed over a lifetime, is achieved for each of them, but when they switch, this unique balance is put into question. Watch what happens above.

  • william

    This was brilliant.

  • Janelle AM

    this just keeps getting better and better

  • Ragdoll

    They look good together…standing side by side, in each others clothes.
    I really like that these “second skin” segments are allowing people so live in each others shoes and respect each others clothing for the most part. sometimes it seems the matches just simply feel uncomfortable…. the respect for people who are different than you is the most powerful part of these videos.

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