DJ Louie XIV and His Father, Tim, Second Skin
DJ Louie XIV and His Father, Tim

Dear Community,

Here is our newest Second Skin, starring Louis (aka DJ Louie XIV) and his father Tim. They are a husband, dad, son, and brother to us, and their video will either make you laugh, cry, or, as Louis so aptly says while in Tim's loafers and polo, "find death more appealing."

Giving people a chance to throw off their own armor and walk in another person's shoes are fundamental to the nature of our Second Skins. But the exchange between this father and son (aka our nearest and dearest) left us with some specific myths that need to be debunked: Can a free spirit, who appears as a "vagrant," still be a respectable, entertainment attorney? Are you automatically under 30 and living below 14th Street if you roll up your jeans and wear a sheepskin vest? Finally, do all men over 40 have an archetypal look that is merely the karaoke version of "cool"?

Just some food for thought!
We hope you love it!

Elisa & Lily

Video edited by Kelsey Cynthia Rowland

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  • ninsky

    i just gotta BIG UP tim for being so humble.. i am impressed.. way to kill your ego and pretense and just be yourself regardless of the story that is told on the surface..

  • katie

    Your dad is absolutely adorable. He totally embraced the whole experiment so humbly. I wonder what it felt like to him to hear his parents essentially judging his son based on the garments being re-contextualized on him.
    Amazing family-- so envious of y'all's love. 🙂 I really love the second skin series and hope you keep producing them.

    • MonaCanino

      there are lots more to come!!



  • geraldo

    this video is a gem. what a lovely family. louis is so beautiful. ive had a crush on him since his first appearance on slu. #husband

  • More please

    This series is my favorite thig about your site- maybe my favorite thing about the Internet. Please, more more more!

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