Alex Lauritzen and James Fils-Aime, Second Skin
Alex Lauritzen and James Fils-Aime

The funny thing about Alex and James' Second Skin is that they spent most of their day working, shopping, and clubbin in each other's clothes discussing honestly and openly how uncomfortable they felt-- but when the two finally met at the end, they didn't look at all like they rolled with completely different crews (coincidentally, they both attended FIT). Quite the contrary; seeing the two together on the street wouldn't cause you to flinch at all. That being said, the two clearly have different philosophies when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. James explained that his style and look are largely the result of a need to seek peace and serenity amid the chaos of life in New York City, dressingly mostly "for comfort and color." Alex, meanwhile, puts a much greater focus on using his clothes to create a structured, thought-out look that accentuates the shape of his body. Both approached the project with such open minds that neither looked bad or wrong inhabiting each other's look. Trading looks definitely brought out a different side of each. They say that attitude is everything when it comes to dressing, and the positive approach each brought proved that it's the man that makes the clothes, not the other way around. "This was definitely like therapy for me," said Alex, near the end of his interview. Watch all the action (and all the profound psychological breakthroughs) in the video above.

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  • EmergeNew

    Everytime I watch Second Skin or Closet Feature I learn something new about myself. In this video Alex said that an ex-boyfriend said he would not have approached him because of how he dressed because he appeared intimidating. Even thoughclearly by his personality he is a very friendly person. I have heard similar comments from people about myself however, hearing Alex say it in the video made it click for me. I will experiment with more casual outfits every once in awhile and see if that will make it less intimidating for men to approach me. I appreciate that they stare at me, however it is hurtful that even if I smile and appear friendly that they feel I look too expensive or stylish for them to ask me out.

  • India

    When James said that he doesn't associate color with gender i thought that for guys its so restrictive with clothing, but for us girls it's becoming even more acceptable to be free with style. I think that double standard is just another remnant from the 60's that needs to be done with. So go James.

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