Heather Boo & Eryn Lefkowitz, Second Skin
A Joan Jett & a Joan Baez Trade Clothes

Born and bred in Greenwich Village by parents who shepherded her from art show to art show, Heather Boo is what would happen if Joan Baez and Manhattan's Mariel Hemingway had a baby. Wearing minimal makeup, no jewelry, and almost all thrift, Heather makes understated important and prim sexy.

"I'm too anal to be bohemian," declares artist Eryn Lefkowitz. In ripped black jeans, a studded black vest, and an army of authoritative black footwear, Eryn's style is the tough, gritty, dark side of New York style. But underneath the badass uniform is a sensitive soul who has overcome bullying and who wears 10 lb. of her mother's hand-me-down silver bracelets as a "security blanket."

When Eryn and Heather swap clothes, the former OCD's all over her apartment about sticking her feet into warmed-over red buckled shoes at 7:30. As Eryn struggles to peel off her layers of Chrome Hearts treasures at 8:08, you'll see what  it's like to part ways with jewelry that has stayed on your body through sex, airport security, showers, and sleep. Then, at 17:10, Eryn meets her boyfriend's mother for first time in her "frumpy" getup. With Heather, there's a satisfied boyfriend at 9:14, bone-tingling awkwardness as her friends take in her new jet-black look at 12:40, and a brush with womanhood at 19:15


Music by Draemings, Heather Boo, & Kenyon Phillips
Video edited by Andrea Cruz

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  • Emily

    Heather. With friends like that, who needs enemies? You are obviously intelligent, creative and talented. Get that blonde girl out of your life, pronto. Jesus.

    • Heather Boo

      Emily, Thank you for your kind words. Got rid of the drummer so not to worry..... and a best friend is always a best friend. She can say anything to me unhinged like a sister, and I don't mind because I know she respects and loves me. And my boyfriend, well gee did you miss how wonderful he is!

      • Emily

        Hi Heather. That's good. No, your boyfriend was very cool and was obviously a big fan of the transformation. You looked amazing! Best of luck with all of your creative endeavours.

  • MikBow

    Wow. 1st world experiments, 1st world problems.

  • Littlerussia

    Love your website, the Closets, the Second Skins, all of it. Thank you. Since it's all about creativity and self-expression though, I think the Second Skins would be even better if the participants were to put together their own outfits from the clothes they receive rather than having it done for them. That way, we'd get to see how they style remix the elements.

    • Bryanna

      That is a great idea, however the whole point of Second Skin is to walk around in someone else's style(not just the clothes) for the day. It's about taking someone out of their comfort zone.

      • Littlerussia

        I get that. My point is that if Elisa selects the outfits they're wearing for the day, then Elisa is "styling" them to a degree. It would be more interesting to see how each person interprets the other person's style without any intervention about which pieces to wear together.

        • Littlerussia

          Ooops. I meant Lily, not Elisa!

  • jj

    this made me laugh the whole way through..important not to take fashion or yourselves so seriously ! love from australia

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