Roundtable: Modern Femininity, Round Tables
Roundtable: Modern Femininity

Recently, StyleLikeU presented a roundtable discussion in which a diverse group of men discussed Masculinity: The ways it has informed their personal styles and the whichs in which it shaped how each has lived his life. In our newest roundtable, we sat down with StyleLikeU muses Trae Harris, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Susi Kenna, Ladyfag and guest Yeye Zhang to discuss the feminine aspect of our ongoing debate on gender with equally rich results. Each lady brought her own pointed and decidedly unique perspectives to this multifaceted issue. We delved into topics including what aspects of our concept of femininity are a product of society (versus nature), what the word means in terms of aesthetics and style, and, of course, what it means to be "feminine" in the first place. We got very personal with each of our panelists, who were extraordinarily candid in sharing the personal experiences which have helped to form their notions of their own femininity and what the word means on a larger scale. See more of our discussion to the left.

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