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Lindsay Jones

To me, Lindsay Jones has the artistic aesthetic of a true, one-of-a-kind bohemian, harkening back to a more imaginative time.  I had already shot her for a Twisted Classic and the experience of capturing the effortless way with which she expresses herself visually, stuck with me. A Renegade Editorial seemed like the only cure to my Lindsay Jones Fever. When I arrived at her amazing Brooklyn loft, Ms. Jones met me at the door looking striking in just her PJs. She introduced me to her assistant and daughter and the four of us started brainstorming. After some halfhearted efforts to conceptualize a photo story, Lindsay dumped a large box of wigs on the floor (partly as a joke). This lead to us impersonating everyone we could think of for a solid 20 minutes. And just like that - we knew what we wanted to do - three of Lindsay's biggest influences: Bardot, Cobain and Mary.

Shot and Styled by Patrick Orcutt

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