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If you haven't watched hip-hop musician Margo Simms spend a day in a complete stranger's clothes yet, then you should do that right here after you read our Closet Update on her. We first shot Margo in 2009, and, four years later, her uniform is still untamed and exotic, revealing the indomitable artistic spirit behind her shyness. "Last month, I was in straight bell bottoms, vintage furs, and fringes," Margo says.  "But there are days when I just want to wear KTZ. I wore Japanese Samurai type clothes for New Years, but now it's totally 70s."

As for her Second Skin experience, where Margo had to trade her maximal style for Hannah Elliott's minimal wardrobe, Margo says, "I never realized that my style is an extension of who I am until I had to wear somebody else's clothes. Hannah's clothes look rock and roll and chic on her. But on me, I felt like an old maid." For Margo, "It's egotistical when people try to be understated and say that they don't have style, because everyone has style. Those of us who do it are just saying, 'Fuck you. I don't care what you think about me.' The others are afraid of what people think. They would love to own that house and those shoes, but they can't do it, so they never will. Instead, they'll laugh and point fingers at those who live outside of the box."

When we first filmed Margo she was playing in a few bands, but now she's back on her own. "My upcoming EP's called Yellow Dirty Rose, because if something's perfect then it's not real. I picked yellow because it's melancholy." Wearing a tulle skirt  with nothing underneath demonstrates Margo's fondness for "pretty things with some edge." The girl who rocks hippie jeans as easily as ferocious leopard heels feels as if she herself is a yellow dirty rose.

When we asked Margo about "Float," a song from her EP that's centered on a porn addict, Margo explained, "To know what's going in my craft, I started watching hip-hop videos with oversexed images of women. When you search for a video girl, their asses and boobs and sex stuff pops up on the sides. So, before, you know it, I'm at a porn site. I started going deeper and checking out things like dominatrixes."

Touching on the omnipresence of pornography in our society, Margo states, "Music and porn -- politics and porn -- they all go hand in hand. Look at those pictures of Abu Grahib, where solders abused the prisoners and forced them to pose naked." But the singer isn't into being holier-than-thou. She admits, "I don’t even really care what most people have to say in this town just as long as they look good. I'm selling sex, too, but there's a message behind it. I can't perform songs if I don't believe in them."

Though Margo's talent is as wild as her bra and harness, her goal isn't to be famous: "Fame doesn't mean that you're talented, just as buying $600 shoes doesn't mean that you have style. Fame just mean you're famous, and buying $600 shoes just means you have money. There's superstars every day on the street, but they don't have that fame."

If you're inspired by Margo Simms' things, then add them to your own closet!

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