London Calling

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We’ve made many blunders in building our insightful, empowering community of communities. One of the biggest was outpacing ourselves with shooting more people than we could edit and post in a proper manner, resulting in subpar video footage that no longer correlated to our newly acquired video skills. It is distressing for us to exchange multi-dimensional portraits for a photo summary (however spectacular our summary may or may not be), especially with our innovative Brits. Their elusive ability to affix romantic history with street style produces a sartorial depth that opens your mind and takes you to places you may not have otherwise gone.

The remarkable Russian, Tess, is transformative, whether she pairs a rose-print gown with a kimono and sparkly flats or if she sports frothy crinolines under a classic black dress. Evidence of Leanne’s elegance is in her silk prints and the punk aesthetic that she injects them with by adding black leggings and her own body art (i.e tattoos). A collage of floral tights, crochets, leopard and vintage lace (not to mention the edible layers of her colorful hair) renders Liria rapturous. Chains, black leather, and gold tuxes demonstrate that Tom is a descendent of tough rockers like Keith. Hermione, Tom’s girlfriend, is pointedly heavenly in her kaftans and 70s airs. Finally, making the plebeian scholarly, Mikey blends Scottish kilts and schoolboy blazers with tulle masks and albino platinum brows and locks.

We can’t wait to deliver a deeper, finely filmed look into the phenomenal Tess, Leanne, Liria, Tom, Mikey, and Hermonie on our next voyage to London. In the meantime, sometimes a picture can say a million words.


Vintage tulle petticoats, Prada shoes

Tess Yopp is a fashion stylist living in London. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. “Growing up there we didn’t have much,” she says, “nothing like how much children have here. Our country was separated from the rest of the world. For a long time we didn’t even have jeans.”


Givenchy jacket, Richard Nicoll dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes


Jeremy Scott for Adidas shirt, Miu Miu pants, hairpiece worn as a bracelet.


Salvatore Ferragamo shoes 

IMG_9583 IMG_9584 



Prada shoes


Shoes from the Dover Street Market


Kimono from Portobello Market, Kenzo dress



Cape from Saks Fifth Avenue


Shawl by Alexander McQueen, Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Leanne Wierzba is a curator living in London. She was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. “I have always had a fun relationship with history,” she says, “because I grew up in a city that had none. Anything that was over 50 years old got bulldozed and rebuilt.”


Shawl by Alexander McQueen, Dress by Diane von Furstenberg


Caftan from Portabella Market, Acne boots, choker from Sante Fe


Acne boots


Lanvin dress

“I was becoming a bit discouraged that there wasn’t a place for me in the world. I came to London and I saw the Lanvin collection and I almost cried. That’s why I went into fashion, because of something beautiful. What I’m wearing now is actually a Lanvin dress that I purchased when I first moved to London. I think it represents my dreams.”


Ann Demeulemeester jacket & dress


Skirt from a charity shop, top from a charity shop, shirt from her mother, H&M tights, Necklace by Liria

 Liria Pristine is a knitwear designer based in London. “I studied business and accounting at a Toronto university,” says Liria. “I didn’t finish school after I saw the schedule had so much accounting. I didn’t study art. It wasn’t in my family and there’s no exploration of art in Canadian schools. I think studying when you’re older makes more sense. You know yourself better. I’d even like to go back to Central St. Martins now.”


Skirt from charity shop, top from charity shop, shirt from her mother, H&M tights, Necklace by Liria

“The inspiration for this necklace comes from seeing cleavage as an icon. It’s about the kind of attention that men and women give boobs. The reactions that the necklace gets is funny — people look away.”


“I like to be alone, but it’s better to be alone with a craft and a hobby than to just be alone in the dark.”


Shirt from Kensington Market in Toronto, Jacket from Value Village in Toronto, Skirt from Paris, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes


Shirt from Kensington Market in Toronto, Jacket from Value Village in Toronto


Skirt from Paris, shoes from Toronto, cape from a charity shop in Paris, lace top from Brazil, broach from e-Bay, vintage belt



Liria’s grandfather’s shorts, shirt worn as a scarf, sweater from a charity shop, belt from Brazil, Radiohead t-shirt


Liria’s mother’s t-shirt, jumper and sweater from a charity shop, Aldo shoes

“In school I always got comments like, ‘Did you raid your dad’s closet to get dressed today?'”


“Ray Caesar is an inspiration to me. He’s British but he worked at a Children’s mental institution in Toronto. He’s a digital artist, and he always makes art for himself and no one else. He has such an attention to detail, color, and texture. I can look at this book for ages.”


T-shirt from a charity shop, Levi’s jeans


Dress by Hermione, ankle bracelet from Tom

Tom Cawte is a musician and Hermione de Paula is a fashion designerThey met one another 4 years ago after a party in a squatting house in London. Hermione says, “He looked a bit like Bob Dylan.”


Vintage Escada jacket, Levi’s jeans


Cape & dress by Hermione, her grandmother’s necklace

IMG_1660 IMG_1671

“I can make a million dresses with a print, but you have to edit down and learn what it is that makes something special.”


“I’d never walk down a straight and narrow path. I’ve never thought about doing anything other than music. I know artistic success isn’t easy. The biggest challenge is to ensure that you’re always moving to the next step and the next place — to keep the momentum going.”


Dress by Hermione, her grandmother’s necklace



Vintage blazer, DIY shirt by Mikey, traditional kilt


Vintage Burberry skirt, Alexander Wang sweater, vintage scarves

Mikey Woodbridge is a musician who currently lives in London. However, at the time that we interviewed him, he was living in Brooklyn, NY. “When I hear music it’s all about the person who’s singing,” he says. “That’s what matters.”

IMG_0880 IMG_0897


Vintage DKNY vest, vintage shirt, Comme des Garcons pants, Converse sneakers that Mikey had customized

“Songwriting comes from life experience. It’s the way I communicate with the world. I hate talking. I feel like if you want to know the real me it’s in my music.”


DIY shirt by Mikey, vintage blazer from Beacon’s Closet, Comme de Garcons pants



Vintage Burberry skirt, Alexander Wang sweater, vintage scarves

“The more crazy I am the more I understand about myself. For example, if I wasn’t dressed like this I’d feel out of place!”

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