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Give Yourself Permission

About her recent move to the Big Apple, Emery told us, "No one is going to give you the green light to go and just explore. There's always going to be naysayers and there's always going to be obstacles. You have to be your own permission." The accomplished massage therapist from the Midwest does not abide by the rules of fear. Courageous enough to continually be a beginner, Emery was brought up with a lot of talk from her Buddhist mom and TM dad about "everything is nothing and all that intuitive self, self, self." The Buddhists see starting over as being in the valley where the grass grows and the air is robust with possibilities. Buying clothes lost its luster once Emery realized what quality was by sewing them herself. After she started getting tattooed at 19, she joined in with her boyfriend Kevin on an adventure to use travel as the inspiration for collecting more experiences and ink .

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"The ancient cultures say tattooing  is a passage of manhood and at different checkpoints in your life you get tattooed," explains Kevin. "All of my tattoos are from places I've been. They represent points in my life when I started to change or move."




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