Summer in New York: Part Two, More
Summer in New York: Part Two

If you’ve ever found yourself shlepping around New York City on a hot July day, you
know you’ve probably had the thought, “If only I could go through this day completely naked. Just this one goddamn day.” (Just me?) On your average 98 degree, 100% percent humidity day, a Big Apple dweller is still always on the move, and will therefore always try to get away with as little clothing as humanly possible. It’s not so much promiscuity as it is just basic survival technique. Still, New Yorkers are not a group of people who like to make sacrifices, style-based or otherwise. Even if we’re all forced to live life for three months in basic shorts and a tank top, there are little items that always help us keep our personal style alive, even in the most suffocating, nudity-inducing weather conditions. See some of our NYC summer Addictions, above.

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