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Addicted to Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw and her comrades may have fostered the idea that shoes are a girls best friend, but actually shoes are just as important, if not a more, as an accessory for men. Indeed, while menswear on the whole tends to be simpler than women's, shoes can serve as an integral way for men to express their personal style. Wingtips, boat shoes, moccasins, sneakers, and the list goes on and on, the adage that you can judge a man by how he adorns his feet can oftentimes ring very true. In this edition of StyleLikeU "Addictions" Jace shows his enviable and diverse collection of footwear, walks us through why each pair is important and proves once and for all that having a fanatic shoe obsession is certainly not a hobby reserved for females. Watch more to the left.

You can find Jace's blog here.

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