Our Mission, Elisa & Lily
Our Mission

After four years, we have cut the cameras to ourselves and are beginning to tell our story. We are ecstatic and nervous to reveal how inspiring it is to be a part of a mission that has lead us to a gold mine of visionary individuals. The ceaselessly courageous expression of our muses injects us with an immeasurable feeling of community -- a feeling that we want to plaster all over the world. Our decision to shine the spotlight on introspective style has shown us the profound potential that comes with embracing one's own uniqueness. Underlying our culture of towering alienation, berserk commodification, and rampant homogeneity is a tribe of diverse, unapologetic authentics who will enchant you out of the ordinary. Step with us into the future with the question #areUbeingU?

Elisa & Lily

Our Mission video was edited by Shane Harrington & Andrea Cruz


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  • Refashioner

    And just as we thought we couldn't love you any more... Best Fashion Film Ever. Absolute bliss. Thank you!

  • Laila Gohar

    SO happy to see how this came together, you guys are amazing !!

  • Tammy Trujillo-Barber

    Love this. Such a great video and really excited to see where you take things. xo

  • Thank you! First and foremost thank you!!! Self expressed beauty, authenticity, follow your individuality and to hell with the naysayers!

  • iam


  • Miralva

    It is great!!!!!! I love it!!!! I am part of it. This is the time to be free not just free of body but, yes free from our mind. Lets us liberate our soul from in and out.

  • Brilliant. Beautiful. Inspiring. Watching this was the best way to end today. Thank you!

  • love it ♥ ❤ ❥♥ ❤ ❥....

  • Raquel

    <3 Most inspiring website ever!!

  • tasha

    Totally Inspired. In love with the both of you 🙂

  • Cafedeboheme

    Finding StyleLikeU for me was like finding a home away from home. Though I am living overseas it helps so much to know that I am not alone when it comes to passion for indivisual style. Keep on rockin and helping those to tell their stories.

  • love

  • Benjamin Falvo

    Great piece! Inspiring.

  • Raven

    Thank you for sharing your story. I LOVE your this site, and I love what you do--thank you for being so inspiring and genuine!

  • Sofie

    I adore this website so much. It always pull me out of style ruts, but more importantly out of sad feelings. It pulls me up and reminds me of the enormity of the world, and the colour of it - and how I can be the colour. I can be and we all can be.

  • I am blown away~

  • Angry Dress


  • Lady B

    Brava ladies, you have accomplished so much in four years. Your site is so powerful, its like this drug that's totally legal with the most amazing uplifting side effects. Itt makes me walk to my wardrobe and say, 'Ok, Lets shake things up and lets GO!'...

  • mlle p

    Great website that I check daily to see if a new video is up. It's fascinating to hear so many different points of view and from all different ages, sizes, men, women - keep up the super work!

  • two words>>>fashion warriors!

  • <3

  • this is such an inspiring video. i love how the genuine undertone of your mission shines through in everything that you do, this website always opens my mind and never fails to teach me something new.

  • thank you thank you thank you for such a liberating video! 🙂 i would like to reblog this.
    xo ~ raquel lynne

  • wantering

    Congrats ladies on this beautiful and inspiring video! Love your dedication and passion for individuality in fashion!

  • Laura

    WOW this is incredible! Im so glad I found this today. Resonates with me so deeply and so exciting to see you two putting this voice out there. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Krista Allender Roberson

    No judgements...ever...you are amazing! Our world needs more of U!!!

  • ponyboi

    For me it started with the Ali of A Noble Savage piece you did! I was truly humbled.....from there i dicided that when i needed to listen to like-minded people i would visit stylelikeu.....

    i salute you wonderful women & your movement is something to be revered.

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