Happy Mother's Day, Elisa & Lily
Happy Mother's Day

This year it felt important to not only honor mothers, but the powerful relationships that can exist between mothers and daughters, especially when that bond allows for each of them to thrive as individuals. The mother-daughter founders of StyleLikeU, Elisa and Lily, are my idols because they don't feign perfection. I have grown to admire how much their hearts are open books about the daily struggles of maintaining their mother-daughter ties while working together to run our website. To shine the light on their trials, tribulations, and successes, Adaeze Elechi, one of our many super talented video editors, and I made this video.

Some parts of society may want us to believe that we need to break away from our family and roots in order to be free and find ourselves. However, years of observing Elisa and Lily have taught me the opposite. I've come to realize that by sticking with our deepest alliances we can be pushed to become our fullest selves.

When they first started SLU, Lily was shy and worried about being in the shadow of her outspoken mom. Now she is the well-deserved "boss," and, in my eyes, a leader of her generation. She lives for over-seeing the fruition of the disruptive ideas of our platform and is coming into her own personally by speaking out for body acceptance, having struggled for so long with her own body image. For Elisa, she is regularly confronted with having to be totally honest with herself while managing the blurry lines between business and tenderness, concession and authority. I admire Elisa's ability to give Lily both space and boundaries and license to bring the past into the future with SLU. I admire Lily's ability to learn and question the knowledge that her mother has gained from her remarkable fashion industry experience and life in general. Mostly, I admire how they are acute mirrors and constructive critical eyes to each other and a model worthy of showcasing.
Happy Mother's Day!
-- Ramona (Mona) Canino, Executive EditorĀ of StyleLikeU

Video Edited by Adaeze Elechi

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  • well, that made me cry. i suppose mothers day always makes me cry. moms are so unbelievably amazing just in the simplest fact that they grew us all, birthed us all, and raised almost all of us. i feel blessed to have such an incredible mom myself, and we both continue to help eachother out through so many life obstacles, regardless of the fact that its been three years since ive physically seen her. thank you for posting this, they are both such an inspiration.

  • EmergeNew

    Thank you for starting the site. The videos leave me feeling inspired. The people featured talk about so much more than clothes...they speak about life. This is a community where artists and creative types feel welcomed and cherished!! Thank you so very much : )

  • olive

    Beautiful, thanks girls for taking the time to do this, so inspiring and full of LOVE!!

  • jennifer

    Love you guys!! Thanks for sharing yourselves with all of us! xx

  • Aria Cavaliere Negri

    Love this!!

  • so beautiful and inspiring

  • vpae

    truly made me cry, more like sob.

  • vanessa

    Beautiful, made me cry, I love you guys.

  • arline

    That was very sweet. I miss my mom, she died when I was 15.
    It warms my heart, when I see mothers and daughters in such a close relationship.

  • Dorota McLeod

    you are so inspiring guys! you make my days. Always when I get stuck, have a bad day...I just go to your website...and it helps me to get back on track. thank you

  • Heidi Plant

    Seeing how Elisa & Lily work together makes me so proud and inspired to be a mother. It's so great to have people to aspire to that mix family and creativity and work together, lots of women are trying to juggle these things but i often found myself keeping quiet about the fact i am a mother because i felt i wouldn't be taken seriously.
    You've helped give me courage to embrace the way i want to live my life. Since finding your site I stopped reading magazines and looking at other sites to look at fashion & style because you manage to make me feel excited about who I am, instead of feeling I need to be like someone else. Thank you xxxxxx

  • Pam 2ETN

    Stylelikeu IS my daily inspiration...and now this..the final piece of the puzzle...in our culture we are made to feel that it is "unnatural" to have an intense bond with our adult children..especially Mothers and Daughters..I, too, feel totally understood by my twin daughters Penelope & Harlee and we LIKE each other...thank you again for revealing these important parts of who you are..it is outreach like this, against the norms where we find like kind and our tribe. xx

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