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The beginning of a new season is always frought with anxiety, as each year, I completely forget what I was wearing the year before. This year, looking at a sea of gothic, black, winter clothes felt wrong and it has taken a few months to find my footing for what feels right in touches of color. A pair of vintage Kamali rose velvet pants and a red coat from Narnia and neon silk scarves from one of my favorite Tibetan stores makes all of what feels too drabby Rick and Commes from years past feel new again. I also love color mixed with things like an ancient Dolce suede carmel colored fringe jacket, my men’s Gucci black and white striped breton, and a classic button up shirt.

As for Lily, we are now trading the red coat back and forth across Houston St (it divides our homes) and neon nails covered in glitter are popping with her turquoise rings. She’s putting purple tights under her teal Reformation skirt and and a tomato red blouse under her jean jacket. And through our usual osmosis, she’s donning neon and camel too.

  • Patrick Orcutt

    You both look so beautiful. Wishing you all the best in 2013.