Britt Bolton, Dailies
Statement Jewels For Romance, Spells, Weapons, & Worship

Britt, a jewelry designer, tells the story of her outfit.

Britt's store is located at 242 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Check out Britt's store online
Follow her on Instagram: @brittjewelrygetsome
Britt's video was edited by Vincent Ma

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  • lola

    For the love of God, where has this girl been all of my life?? I feel like she's creating ALL of the kinds of pieces that I've always dreamed of wearing, but have never been able to find or replicate on my own. Holy F#@King hell ..... I'm utterly GOBSMACKED right now, and in LOVE!!!

  • TovaK

    Truly unbelievable. Holy, yes.

  • Denah

    Very interestingly inspired pieces. I must say though that I am a little bothered by your reference of "voodoo" and "African culture"...
    A.) Africa is a continent made up of several dozen countries, with hundreds of different ethnic groups, languages, and religions. It is not monolithic and one should keep this in mind when making reference to it.
    B.) The religion to which I believe you were referring is called "Vodun", not "voodoo", and the practice of this religion is scattered throughout a small portion of a few coastal countries in West Africa.
    Please, do not trivialize Africa or appropriate the many cultures found there or anywhere else in the world, particularly when you are referencing a culture, or cultures, where people have been (and continue to be) oppressed for centuries. It is a very sensitive matter and should be respected as such.

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