Our PriMo Arts showroom is BRILLIANTLY GORGEOUS! …. take a look!

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 This summer, my business partner  (Artist Extraodinaire Jana Booker) and I came upon a most gorgeous space and we decided to take the plunge and open a space to showcase our personal art and that of other incredible artists form around the globe.  We are located in a stunning 1927 Spanish revival building surrounded by so much gorgeous history and architecture.

Primitive Modern is a cultural art gallery and private boutique. We offer a shopping experience as rare as our merchandise. We represent designers who have trudged through the Amazon and hiked into villages on foot to bring back merchandise that will support a village and ensure survival for a culture that is on the verge of extinction. We are here to serve a deeper purpose than just shopping, we tell real stories of real people and use a business model to support amazing artistry globally, be it a tribe making amazing jewelry out of the seeds from the rain forest, to that unique artist found in some corner of the world, creating something you have never seen before! We have art, furniture, jewelry, clothing and an experience that will impact the way you shop for yourself. Make an appointment and find that special something that you connect with that not only looks beautiful but also carries a story of our humanity in its very essence!

For me, one of my dreams is to change the consciousness of my beautiful continent of Africa. I am somewhat tired of the sad, dire stories that seem to always overshadow the magnificence of beauty and grace that we possess. I want to showcase a Pride that is often overlooked! I believe one of the biggest solutions to the problems of many third world countries is the economic disenfranchisement of many and so giving them a platform to make an income by selling their products in a fair market is paramount. This is where PriMo arts comes in to do our part, however minute it may be, we believe in the power of ‘one drop becomes a mighty ocean’.

Let us empower each other to be the best we can be!

……This is but the beginning there is much more to come so Stay tuned and Enjoy the ride!

Primitive Modern Arts Main Gallery room… STUNNING!!!

Love IT!

Maori Man Sculpture in Leather by Jana Booker

Visual Orgasms Everywhere you turn!

Gorgeous Line of Furniture oh lala!!!

Cast Paper Sculpture by Jana Booker

Vintage Dinka (Southern Sudan Tribe) Beaded Corset

Surma Woman from Ethiopia in Leather by Jana Booker

Baskets Galore in our ‘African Market’

Fabrics from across the GLOBE

 Gorgeous Tribal Jewelry!

Representing Africa on Halloween

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