Our Muses Become Bloggers and So Do We

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Since picking up a video camera to explore our fascination with personal style 3 years ago, it has been a constant source of frustration that we have not had a venue with which to share our personal StylelikeU journey with the world. Now, 700 extraordinary closets later, and the effects of spending intimate time with all of these incredible, indelible people, has been nothing short of life-defining for both of us as individuals.  As a group, they are a true cross-section of tastemakers and authentic cultural barometers, people and spirits we are so pleased to be able to share with the world.

With each interview that we conduct, we leave with our own lives enhanced and our souls nourished by our muses’ imaginative worlds and unfettered essence. No matter the differences from one subject to the next, each one has us feeling inspired to read what they read, shop where they shop, eat what they eat and listen to the music they love. Their lifestyles, their unique beauty regimens, and of course, their authentic style and overall comfort in their skin is a constant source of inspiration. With our new personal blog, we are thrilled to finally have a forum with which to share our personal thoughts on how each subject has individually touched us. In addition, we are looking forward to connecting with all of you about our experience with building StyleLikeU together as a mother and daughter team and to more effectively communicate what our message,”freedom of expression through personal style,” means to us.

What we have really learned from out SLU experience is that clothes are really just the beginning of one’s authentic story.  In addition, with our new community of bloggers, we have built a place in which you can stay connected to the rich worlds of our muses, and the boundless ingenuity and spirit that inform their daily lives.

We look forward to this new beginning and where it will take us all.

xo Elisa & Lily