My Chanel is being held together by duct tape

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So, my beloved giant jumbo amazing vintage Chanel bag… it has been on my arm nearly every day for 4 years, and it is being held together by a piece of tape. I’m going to be real with you, I wear my luxury goods, like wear them until they fall apart, until they are disgusting or in tatters. I wear all the heel caps off of all my Louboutins, my furs get torn, vintage white Alaïa dresses get retired, it is what it is. And this bag, the lining is in absolute shambles, I have daily visions of it just falling apart while I’m walking down the street.

I am way too embarrassed to send it to Chanel to be fixed.

But why the hell should I be? I have loved this bag, it has traveled with me to Paris, to New York … It has been a constant in my wardrobe no matter what else has changed. It’s seen better days but has received much praise and attention in its day. Every time someone talks to me about it I feel the need to say “Oh, I mean it’s really beat up” even though honestly I prefer it that way. Often I think that new, shiny it bags can be tacky and loud. I’d much prefer my humble one that is full of holes, trash, and stories.

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