Looking Back

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What is it about the past that is so fascinating?

What is it about black and white photos and 1950’s refrigerators and laced up corsets and antique nightgowns and bell bottoms and golden aged sunglasses that feel so mysterious and romantic?

In a time where we are so forward thinking and evolving so rapidly, why do we look back at past generations to draw inspiration?

We have HD camera’s on our phones… so why must we put it through filters to look old?

Is it because we are so technologically advanced that we admire a time when it was harder to communicate? You had to write a letter, go to the post office, stamp, and send.

Is it because we romanticize the idea of a different time & place? Is it because even in our own life we sometimes wish we were somewhere else, in different circumstances?

I’m not sure. All I know is I will continue to be obsessed with vintage and wonder who wore this ring before me, and where this lady bought this hat, and what seamstress found this print. My favorite movies will always be the old ones.

Pink beaded and rhinestoned vintage dress from The Paris Flea Market. Stole it from mothers closet.

Black and gold italian organza vintage dress from The Way We Wore


1960’s box printed and beaded dress also stolen from Mom’s closet, bought from Leaping Lotus.

Light pink/peach sequined/beaded/chiffon vintage dress from Vintage Sanctuary.

Vintage little girls sailor outfit from Vintage Sanctuary.

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