Josiah Wise: Singer. Composer. Aesthetician . Lover. Pagan

this photo also features my baby Mr. Kitty Kittington the 1st!!!
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This photo features Josiah and my baby Mr. Kitty Kittington the 1st!!!

The buzz is spreading, and Im spreading most of it! Josiah Wise has gone by many names and he is adding more and more as he musically and artistically evolves. I wanted to take a moment to share the magik that is my best friend and mentor of sorts. In the words of the man himself ” A GodBodi understands that the fullness of humanity is not separate from the Supreme, and since that is the case, our bodies are not just bodies..they are indeed GodBodi(es). People often separate themselves from God; some out of ignorance, and some for convenience.

The time has come for humanity to elevate our thoughts and perceptions of our own physicality; we must recognize and see how limitless we are. ” Below I have his first full length video feating myself, Trae Harris and well as his band GodBodi. Consider it a gift from us!! Get more and more on his website.

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