Instagram NYFW Recap

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Punk kid sending me a message about how to prepare for NYFW. Oaks Bottom theme park Portland, Or.

Party sign (another sign of what’s to come). Oaks Bottom theme park, Portland, Or.

Q-Tip handeling it. Supra’s FNO party New Museum, NYC.


VINN¥ CHA$£, Maayan Zilberman and I (dope). Supra’s FNO party New Museum, NYC.

Minka Sicklinger. Pamela Love Pop up Tattoo studio, Milk, NYC

Pamela & Matthew.  Pamela Love Pop up Tattoo studio, Milk, NYC


Kate Lanphear, Pamela Love and Lynn Yaeger. Pamela Love Pop up Tattoo studio, Milk, NYC.

Pee Wee Herman wuz here. NYC.

Erey’day breakfast, Brooklyn, NY.


All of the lights, Last Magazine party, NYC.

Ice cold vintage Fendi scarf (I should have bought). Brooklyn, NY.

2 chairz (69). NYC.


Not bad news, Bearsville lunch at  Dan Martensen’s. Bearsville, NY.

Lenny Bee. Bearsville, NY.

Styling advice (for when I start my cult) from Diane Birch. Brooklyn, NY.


S.G.C.N.Y. pop up. NYC.

Oliver Clark and I as tourists. NYC.

One of the many glasses of rose in my lifetime. Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY.


“H” at the bottom of the map airport (another message). G.W.B Airport, Huston, Tx.

Carpaccio. G.W.B Airport, Huston, Tx.

Welcome home (dubbed) Mr. Murphy. Portland, Or.

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