Hey, I’m Lucia and I’m like so totally 15 years old.

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I feel like I have to introduce myself but I also feel super uncomfortable because all of this is probably on the internet anyway.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California I’m a local music junkie, addicted to a mosh pit and any kind of beachy punky folky or funky jams that could provoke it.

I really started figuring myself out in 7th grade when I switched to a fairly conservative Pasadena school (called Polytechnic) that didn’t have uniforms. That was about 2 years ago. I was figuring myself out and mainly just trying to shock people or see what kind of person I could turn myself into after 7 years of hoping, praying and striving for popularity in primary school (Saint James’ School).
I took painting with the popular girls for like 5 years when I was going to Saint James but I was never super into it because I was constantly trying to impress my class until I finished 6th grade at St. James.
I started fresh at Poly and my first elective was painting. The teacher, Mr. B, was interested in me because I used charcoal instead of pencil on my first homework assignment. I was one of the only kids who had taken art classes outside of school instead of doing club sports and this really set me apart from the crowd. I couldn’t relate to a lot of the kids because I grew up in a really open accepting artist’s environment that I couldn’t see until I could compare with people around me on basic levels.
Not relating to people at my new school inspired and allowed me to really push myself away from what the majority thought to be cool or what was trendy. I strived for what I thought and what I wanted from myself instead of what other people wanted of me.
With that said, I’m still constantly changing and so are my goals but that is just being a teen I guess. So here I sit, blogging for a really cool style blog, hairy pits, old t-shirt, kind of green hair, Moses Campbell playing in my headphones and a deep desire to meet my biggest art inspiration Arvida Bystrom.

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